Tuesday, June 16, 2009

We're down to 2 days of school. And not just 2 days, 2 half days! Summer...I can feel you in the air and I'm loving it. This week we've done nothing but pack up my room (I have to move to another hall next school year), play games, do word searches, compete in rock paper scissors tournaments...in other words, we're accomplishing a lot this last week of school.

Sweet, sweet summer. I can't wait to play on Thursday!

(I took this photo back in June 2005. As I was going through old photos the other night, I sighed a little when I saw this. It's my perfect idea of a summer night!)


  1. That picture is amazing! Yay! Almost summertime for yoU!

  2. update update update
    Sorry, just me chanting to hear how your end of the year went and how awesome it feels to be done!