Monday, July 13, 2009

10 Random Facts

The lovely Megan tagged me to list 10 random things abut myself. Let's begin!

1. When I was in high school, I was in show choir. For those of you who are thinking, "What's show choir?", imagine sequins and jazz hands and too much makeup. That was me. If you watched the show Glee that aired on Fox this past spring, that would give you a good idea about where I dedicated a lot of my time in high school. This little fact might get it's own post, possibly with pictures, one day.

2. I do not eat mushrooms. They are fungus and I am totally disgusted by them.

3. I've lived in Virginia my whole life. Different parts of the state, but I've loved them all.

4. When I was a little girl in preschool, I refused to wear pants. My argument to my parents was, "But Miss Piggy doesn't wear pants." I was a very stubborn child. Some might even say I still I am. They don't know what they're talking about, though!

5. I get way to many magazines in the mail. Every time I see a good deal on a magazine I'm moderately interested in, I want to subscribe! I personally subscribe to Real Simple and Glamour. I also subscribed to Domino, but they went under this past spring (still sad about that), and I now get Architectural Digest in it it's place. I'm not a fan. My MIL got me subscriptions to Everyday with Rachael Ray, Taste of Home, Cooking Light, and Cooking for 2. In addition to my magazines, J gets Field and Stream, and some backpacking magazine. We have no idea why he gets these in his name. None of our family or friends have fessed up for getting these for him. Anyway, if you look back that's 9 magazines a month. Like I said in the beginning, way to many!

6. I've never cared much for Dave Matthews. This seemed to be a crime in high school and college.

7. I had to have oral surgery about 2 years ago because I had a cyst in my jaw.

8. When I was student teaching, I had a class of kindergartners where about half the class had black teeth or had holes in there teeth. I was teaching during there during the month of February which just so happens to be Dental Hygiene month. When I gave out toothbrushes, about half the class had never seen them before.

9. I love the taste of Dimetapp.

10. In my junior year of high school, my English teacher let me borrow the first four books in the Harry Potter series. I read all four in about three weeks. Since then, I've been a fan. I've reread most the books, and I am very excited to go see the new movie this week!

I'm going to tag my three most recent followers: SEC, Brown Girl, and Heather


  1. How sad about your students not knowing what a tooth brush was! That is just crazy! So funny about the pants, I went through a time (when I was younger) when I wouldn't wear jeans, I thought they were so uncomfortable, I would only wear tights. Ha!

  2. That is so incredibly sad about the toothbrushes.

    And I love your rationale for not wearing pants!!! Too cute!

  3. I was so sad about Domino as well!! I loved that magazine! I get something else in it's place though, Modern Home or something. I get too many as well!

  4. I love the miss peggy one! So cute!

  5. we didn't have a show choir at my high school but i wanted us to have one so badly. instead i did musical theater all through high school-- definitely less cool than show choir! :)

    i miss domino terribly!!!

  6. awww... the miss piggy thing is so cute! :) Hey, it was a good reason. haha. As for the magazines, I'm guilty too. The thing that stinks is that now I get a ton of junk mail b/c of them.

  7. I agree with the Dave Matthews thing.. I just have never been a fan but it seems like everyone loves him in high school and now in college too