Monday, July 6, 2009

fact & opinion: wildflowers

Fact: My husband has only bought me flowers once before this weekend.

Opinion: Flowers are lovely and make a great "I love you" gift.

Fact: I saw some pretty bouquets of wildflowers at the local farmer's market on Saturday.

Opinion: $4 is an amazing deal for such pretty flowers AND a vase. Flowers are typically overpriced.

Fact: My darling husband bought me flowers for the second time in our almost five year relationship. Yes, I may have picked the flowers out, but he spent four whole dollars on them so I could have them on my kitchen table.

Opinion: My kitchen table is now the prettiest table in all the land.

Fact: My husband is pretty darn wonderful.


  1. $4! That is a great deal! Beautiful flowers!!!

  2. Those flowers are so pretty and especially for only 4 dollars!

  3. so cute! $ 4 is a great deal.

  4. Pretty, pretty! I loved this post =)

  5. Those are great flowers for 4 dollars. Too cute!

  6. I love getting flowers at the farmers market! Your hubby is a sweetie!

  7. I love this post! The flowers are beautiful.

  8. I really like your blog layout/design :-)
    ps - I just found your blog from Megan's . . . going to go read more now :-)