Wednesday, July 15, 2009

warning: geeky teacher post!

I am back in teacher mode this week as I am attending a three day elementary technology camp put on by my school district. I am learning lots, and I'm even a little excited to get back to school to try out all of the cool things I've been learning. But not too excited...I still have plenty of laziness left in me to enjoy my next six weeks off from work!

Some things I haven't enjoyed about my camp, however, are the women here who know NOTHING about technology. They say things like...

"Wait, slow did you make that font show up in bold?"

"STOP! I didn't see how you saved your work!"

"A hyperlink? What's that?"

"Can you go back again and show us how you minimized that box?"

"What was that? A URL? How do I find one? What is that?"

"How come I can't see the screen?" (honest to goodness, her computer had not been turned on)

Other than these women who don't know what a mouse is, I've gotten a lot out of my course. I've made two things that I am pretty proud of. So please humor me as I share them with you!

First thing I made was an interactive poster on this great FREE site called Glogster. I made a site about the Earth, moon, and sun. Even if you're not an educator, look at Glogster. It's really fun to play around with if you have a minute or two.

Second thing I have to share is a VIDEO! I'm planning on making this a model for a project I want the kids to do. And yes...that's my pretty video you are listening to on the video!

Ok, that's enough geeky teacher things for one day! Thanks to those who looked at my work!


  1. Totally sounds like the teachers at my school, some of them are clueless:-) I am also kind of excited to get back to school, the back-to-school aisles just kill me!

  2. Don't you love the time during the summer when you do things school related...without a class to teach...where you are actually the student!Yes, I love teaching!
    I checked out all your work...great job!

  3. If you ever need help with anything related to NASA let me know. I use to work there for over a year when I was living in Alabama...

  4. Hey I just stumbled upon your blog and love it. I am a teacher too (1st grade) so I appreciate all of this "geeky" teacher stuff. Also I'm in grad school and I'm in a tech class right now and there is literally a lady who did not know how to launch the internet. SOO frustrating!

  5. is it strange that i loved your little website and am a college grad? hmmm.

    i have big problems with people who can't use the computer! i told my mom to type a web address in the address bar. then she's like "i'm typing it and it's not showing up." my sister walked in and she had just typed it in MICROSOFT WORD. i love her anyways.

  6. Oh my goodness that had me cracking up. I guess we all have people like that in our life!

  7. Oh my gosh, that is totally one of my bosses you just described!!!

  8. Seriously, I love this post! (And I totally relate to all the crazy non-tech-savvy people. I mean, where have they been? How do they even answer emails or record attendance? - We have to do both daily on computers in our school.)

    Isn't tech stuff so fun? Sometimes it makes my job so much better!