Friday, July 3, 2009

Touring Richmond

I've spent the past two days touring Richmond, the city I grew up in (well, technically outside of), with my father in law. It was a really nice two days, but now I am glad to be back home with J and the dog. I ate at some wonderful restaurants and saw some incredible historic sites. We visited a lot of places I went to on field trips as a kid, but I didn't remember anything from those trips. It was nice going back, as I now I appreciate history much more than I did at twelve. I also teach Virginia history to my fourth graders, so I made sure to take a lot of pictures of things we learn about in school.

Today J is home from work, so we've got a big list of errands to run. We're in the process of trying to buy me a new car, but we'd really like to sell mine first. This has turned into more work than we expected! Any of you ever sold your own car? Any tips?

Unrelated side note here...thanks so much for your help on my road trip post. You girls had some excellent road tripping ideas and I am excited to share our trip on here!


  1. What kind of car are you selling, for how much, and do you think it could make it all the way to Seattle?

    I'm in the market ;)

  2. Oh wow!! What an amazing time!! I heart road trips.

    Actually we have to sell our car as soon as hubby comes home from iraq and buy a new one.

    I'll def keep you posted on what happens!! Considering it'll just be a week or so away!

    Best of luck!!

  3. When we sold our car, we used Kelley Blue Book to get a value and went from there! We parked it near my husband's work, so it would be visible to the public, and sold it in about 8 hours. But I really think that was a rare occurance! =)

  4. Is that your FIL with the bow tie? He is adorable!

  5. That's great! I'm glad you had a great time. I also received my kitchen tools today! Thank you soo much!

  6. I'm in good ol' RVA! Where did you eat? Please tell me you had pizza at Bottom's Up while you were here.... Hope you had a wonderful time, it looks like you hit up all the pre-requisite historical sites. Happy 4th! -e

  7. I have been there!! I have a picture of my husband, my brother, and my brother-in-law in that same doorway!