Thursday, July 9, 2009


My summer vacation is in full swing and while I've been very productive, I've always shared a lot of time with my sofa, the television, and the dvd player. Don't judge me. I really do work insanely hard for ten months a year, so my two months off are for lots of rest and relaxation (and a little extra time in the kitchen).

Thanks to my wonderful Netflix account, I've watched several movies, which I've enjoyed, but I'd really like to find a great TV show on DVD to get hooked on. I love watching TV shows on DVD because it eliminates commercials, and you don't have to wait week to week to watch it. Instead, you can watch it marathon style...which may not be healthy if you're watching something like 24*.

Here are some of my favorite shows that I've come to love thanks to DVD:

Such an odd show, but it is by far one of the funniest shows I've ever watched. And I just about die everytime Portia de Rossi comes on screen because I would kill for her hair.

A friend gave us his DVD's for HIMYM last summer and we watched the first three seasons in no time. Anything with Doogie Houser in it is good in my book.

I watched the fist two seasons of LOST on DVD in about two and half weeks. It was all I could think about. Now I'm a crazy fan (like many of you!) and spend far too much time thinking about this crazy island.

This show is just juicy and addictive. The plot which revolves around polygamists living in a normal neighborhood is so far fetched, but you can't help but want to watch more.

J and I watched the first season of True Blood last month, and while sometimes it seems cheesy to us (the fangs make me laugh everytime), we still really enjoyed it. I haven't joined the Twilight bandwagon, but this show has made vampires seem pretty interesting to me!

My parents were big Dexter fans and let us borrow thier DVD's this past winter and it took no time to hook us. This show is absolutely revolting at times, but I loooove it. When my mom shared the plot of this show with me, I thought there was no way I'd get into it, but I was so wrong. It is so well written, and I find myself cheering on this crazy serial killer. Once you get past the blood and guts, you'll love it!

I saved Friday Night Lights for last on purpose. This is probably my favorite TV show on right now. While I love so many other shows, there is nothing with as much heart as this one. The characters are so beautifully crafted, and it makes me want to pack up and move to a small town in Texas each time I watch it. Seriously, if you've never seen it, give it a try! I want you to share some of your favorite shows with me! I'd love to find something to watch during the day, serious or funny! One of the best perks of my job is my free time in the summer and I have been loving every minute of it. We don't have cable, so the afternoons are very quiet around here. So please my wonderful readers...I know some of you love television as much as I do, so please share away!

*During the summer of 2005, J and I had this genius idea to watch season two of 24 in twenty-four hours. We are iditos. No one should watch that much Jack Bauer in such a short period of time or it will really mess with your head. I was serisouly convinced I was being followed by CTU.


  1. I am a huge Lost and Big Love fan! Love them!

  2. Dexter and True Blood are my favorite shows on TV right now! LOVE!

  3. try The Starter Wife...there aren't many seasons...a little cheesy at times...but cute. I enjoy Debra Messing.

  4. I love Friday Night Lights! The Office is another fav of mine but the Mr. doesn't like it so much.

  5. I agree about Dexter, that show is GOOD!! Also check out Weeds. Hilarious.

  6. I am a HUGE fan of LOST!! And my husband really wants me to watch Dexter with him but I haven't yet:)

  7. you know i love Lost, too!

    but... you must get Damages on Netflix. it's like Lost because it has flash back and flash forwards... and you MUST watch every single episode. i think you'd love it. really intense!

  8. You should still go back and watch the Six Feet Under dvd's too! GREAT show!

  9. I got Matt addicted to True Blood when he came in. The first season had just came out on dvd and we watched it all in two days! He's also become obsessed with Lost! Did you know they have a lost magazine that comes out every 3 months??? yeah....

  10. I just found your blog through Lis and I love it!

    We like a lot of the same shows. I didn't get to watch How I Met Your Mother this season because too much was on Monday nights. I need to catch up because I heart that show. True Blood is fantastic too!

  11. My husband and I do the same thing each summer! Last year was Prison Break. This year we are going with an older show...bring on season one of Alias.

  12. Arrested Development is pretty much the best show ever.

  13. How I Met Your Mother is pretty much the funniest show ever! My sister has been trying to get me hooked on Lost. I just can't find the time to sit down and watch it. But, you've just re-inspired me so maybe I'll try to soon!

  14. I love FNL and HIMYM! I love the dvds of Everwood! Only the first two seasons have been released. But I think it's funny my 22 year-old little brother loves them, too. :)

  15. girl, you KNOW I love me some FNL.

    also highly recommended:

    1. Mad Men-- it's about madison avenue ad executives in the 1960's and it is absolutely phenomenal. I just love watching for the Aesthetic-- and the social issues of that decade--so interesting.

    2. 30 Rock-- the funniest show on television right now-- hands down. Love love love tina fey and tracy morgan.

    3. If you've never watched it, My So Called Life is amazing. I borrowed Laura's copy (there is only one season) and was BLOWN away by how good the writing was!

  16. Watched the first two season of Big Love in one day! Love Big Love, and of course still working my way through the Sopranos.