Monday, July 20, 2009

A Year of Marriage in Pictures

I share an anniversary with Megan from Tales of the Trees, and last week she motivated me with this post on her blog.

With our one year anniversary less than a week away, here is our first year of marriage, in photos:

July '08: Our wedding day

August '08: This is us in Portland during our honeymoon.

September '08: A friend's wedding in Wilmington, NC

October '08: No pictures together from this month
But I do have each of these from our pumpkin carving session!

November '08: Again, no photos together. Not even on Thanksgiving.
Instead, I have this one of J with my parents' dog on Thanksgiving.

December '08: In Savannah, GA the week after Christmas.
On 12/26 we left VA for a week in Charleston and Savannah
It was nice to get away after the craziness of the holidays!

January '09: Our posed picture for the premier of LOST!
Look how "into it" we were!

February '09: Another month with no photos together.
Just a lot of candy hearts that we ate for Valentine's Day!

March '09: Visiting my family.
Here we are with Layla and my brother.

April '09: At an engagement party for two of our close friends.

May '09: Another wedding for another friend!

June '09: Shocking, we went to another wedding!
This time J was the best man.

July '09: This is us two weeks ago before heading
to the Avett Brothers concert that was in town

There you have it! Our first year of marriage, documented with my Nikon. It was fun going back and reminiscing over the first year. I'm excited for many more!


  1. Aw, I love all your pictures. I love and laughed at the pre-posed lost photo!!

  2. So cute!!
    Congrats on the anniversary!

  3. Happy almost anniversary! You have a good anniversary month. = ) Our anniversary is tomorrow!

  4. Yay for July 26th!!!! Love all the pictures! You are a beautiful couple!

  5. So cute!!! Happy Anniversary (or almost!)

  6. These pictures are so cute! Happy almost anniversary!!

  7. aww how sweet, congratulations! takes me back to our first year- hope you are able to take time and enjoy this special time in your marriage! :)

  8. What a cute post!! Congratulations on your almost anniversary. :)

  9. Love the year in pictures! I have said this before, but that blue dress from ATL looks great on you!

  10. So pretty, looks like a wonderful first year, congrats!

  11. What a wonderful year together!!! You guys are so adorable :)