Wednesday, August 26, 2009


First of all, I need to say thanks to Mojito Maven for the $50 GAP gift card that I won from her blog! Everyone loves giveaways...but this one was a pretty great one! Due to the fact that I'm 25 and my body has decided to stop metabolizing the way it has for the past 24 years, I am in need of some new jeans. Can't wait to go shopping!

Secondly, I want to link to Kate's post today about becoming a mom one day. Kate so easily says so many of the things I think and feel about becoming a mom, and if you don't read her blog, now's a good time to start. This post is excellent.

And finally, I have another recipe for you! This one comes from For The Love of Cooking. I wanted to bake something for the ladies who work in the front office at my school, as they're always so helpful, and throughout this whole moving classrooms thing, they've gone above and beyond for me. Last night I baked them a loaf of chocolate chip and walnut zucchini bread. The recipe makes two loaves, so we got to try some, too. It was so warm and delicious! My only change to the original recipe: I used sugar. No Xagave for me.


  1. I was excited that you won, and I love Kate's page, and thought it was one of her best posts as well. Saving my box tops. Wow those little things are everywhere.

  2. I saw that you had won that giveaway. Congrats!
    The bread looks yummy!!!

  3. you're so thoughtful to think of those ladies---i bet you made their day! poor, stressed graduate students like zucchini bread, too :)