Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Adventures in Yard Sale-ing

I love reading Raechel Myers' blog on Saturdays to see what she finds on her yard sale-ing adventures. This gal finds some great stuff for some even better prices on her Saturday escapades. This past Saturday, J and I tried our hands at it, and we were able to find a few cool things...

J's purchases:
2 teddy bears for Layla to destroy, $1
He spoils her rotten. She's already in heaven...can't you tell?

Old Clock, $5
This clock was made from an old train schedule. The train company was and still is based in our city. He's going to hang it amongst the old maps that he collects and frames.

My purchases (all school related!):
Games (Boggle, Scattegories Jr., and Connect 4), $4
My students love having game days, but I refuse to buy games for my classroom at full price since I know pieces will get lost and people will mistreat them. I was so excited by this bargain!

20 books, $5 ($0.25 a piece)
Again, kids are rough on everything in my classroom. All the books in my class library have been bought used. I was happy to find a yard sale put on by middle school girls trying to make some cash, as they had bookshelves full of young adult books.

And the deal of the day...
A cardboard box full of math manipulatives, $12
A veteran teacher was selling all of these, and when she saw me walk up to the table she offered me the whole thing for $12. She probably would've let me talk her down to $10, but I was thrilled to get several hundred dollars worth of stuff for twelve bucks!


  1. I'm surprised: is it always you who buy stuff and games for your class ?
    i'm working on my annual geometry programm this afternoon : it's hard to visualize a whole year...

  2. Your dog is adorable and I love that clock!

  3. That clock is awesome!

    I love yard saleing I went last weekend and found some great goodies!

  4. OMG I lovvvvvve Scattegories!

  5. Those are some great deals!! I love that your dog got some new toys to tear up! :)

  6. O loved connect 4 when I was little. great game.

    Cut spoiled puppy!! Best way to be :-)

  7. I love this! I need a yard-saling adventure!

  8. That clock is so cool. I need to start yard saling, although I feel like California yard sales are just not as good for some reason.

  9. Wow- you must know where for go for teacher stuff! Maybe I don't know what to look for- but you sure found the good stuff. good for you!

  10. you found amazing stuff!! I am currently in school to teach and I know I need to start yardsaling!!

  11. Ooh, I spy a copy of Charlotte's Web!
    Awesome finds. I got all warm and fuzzy about your classroom stuff - I sometimes wonder why I didn't decide to teach middle school. I guess I just live vicariously through teacher bloggers!

  12. great finds girl! and so nice of you to get stuff for your kiddos=) and your pup, so cute!

  13. You found such great deals!!

  14. I cannot believe you got all those math manipulativesfor $12!! I have spent $100s of dollars :) And I love your old clock :) Your classroom is looking really great!