Friday, August 21, 2009

Back to School Shopping

When I was a kid, my mom would always take my sister and me out to the mall to buy some new things before school started. We also had a rule that whatever new things we bought, we couldn't wear until the first day of school. Here are a few of my favorite back to school outfits...feel free to laugh:




Now that I'm a teacher, I still do the same thing in August; however, my mom is no longer paying for them! I'm a big girl who makes my own money now, so it looks like I'm paying for my new wardrobe all by myself! I still stand by the rule that I don't wear any of my new stuff until school actually begins. I am finding this really difficult right now with all the cute new things in my closet!

All of these below purchases are from Ann Taylor LOFT...who by the way, give teachers a 15% discount every time we shop. One of the many reasons I do most of my shopping here...that and the $25 coupons you can get now when you spend $50!

I've also ordered these adorable moccasins from Lands End (here and here). And you can't really beat a comfy, cute pair of shoes for $15. Teaching fourth grade requires the most comfortable, slipper like shoes you can find!

I still have a few other things I'm looking at buying before September 8, but I am trying to hold out for better deals...I'm a bargain shopper, have I mentioned this yet? If you've found anything that's adorable and cozy, feel free to share with me!


  1. I love Ann Taylor Loft!! Good finds!

  2. I do the same thing, and I too own several pairs of mocassins! A teacher's best friend!

  3. Oooh those mocs look super comfy!!!

    And how adorable were you growing up?!?!?!

  4. Love the new header and I love those shoes!

  5. I think your photos are actually great! There are far worse back-to-school photos from the 90s - mine for example!!!

  6. I'm liking the new look! Who can pass up an extra discount w/ coupons too!!! Have fun shopping! Oh, and I thoroughly enjoyed the trip down memory lane.

  7. I do the exact same thing!! Love your new header too btw!

  8. You were precious growing up... didn't seem to go through the awkward stages at all!

    Love me some ATL. The mocs look so comfy!

  9. I LOVE me som ATL! Kohls has great stuff too that's dressy/casual at good prices! also my teacher friend loves New York & Co. (found in most malls)

  10. Hi rachel
    i'm glad you visit my bog too!
    I WONDER how old are the kids at 4th grade ?
    I'm teacher in kindergarden ( is école maternelle in french ) and this year probably will teach 10/11 years old kids...

    I didn't buy clothes yet but i enjoy buy my school supplies exactly as when i was a kid!

  11. 1995 is my favorite! :)

    i love the ann taylor loft choices. adorable stuff!

  12. pretty sure i wore that 1995 outfit with the striped shirt and shorts to my first day of 5th grade! must dig up a picture...

  13. I'm so behind, haha! Your pics are so cute! and I love all of you finds!! Loft has great coupons and sales and I so want a cute pair of mocassins=)