Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Boxtop Questions

You all are wonderful! Thanks to all who commented on my last post and said you'd start saving your boxtops for me! I appreciate your thoughtfulness and willingness to help out.

There were a lot of questions, so here are some answers...

J and I keep a bag on our fridge and anytime I have a product with a boxtop or a friend gives me some, I just toss 'em in there. Every month or so, I take the bag in to school and put it in our class collection. I make a big deal out of it for the kids, so that they will remember to collect some from home!

We collect them all through out the year. We will probably turn the first batch in to the PTA sometime in early October, so that would be a great time to send them to me. Or, feel free to save for several months and then mail 'em to me. Really, so what's easiest for you!

We also have some other programs that we're involved in that help us raise money (Target, grocery store receipts) but boxtops are such an easy one to get anyone to help us with! Most people out there buy something with a boxtop. You'd be surprised how many products have boxtops!

Again, if you want to help, please email me at and let me know and I'll send you my mailing address. You all are the best readers!

I promise to post about something other than boxtops in my next post -- really, I have more things going on in my life other than school fund raising.


  1. hi sweet rachel!
    thanks for your kind words. i really appreciate you!
    i loved your entry a few back with your wedding photos...gorgeous gorgeous!

  2. I just looked in my pantry and found a box with a boxtop on it. I'll start saving for ya! :-0

  3. You can post what ever you want. It's fun to read so keep it up


  4. I'll start saving them for you--I just checked and I have a couple!

  5. I will totally save my boxtops for you too! I don't wat a lot of cereal so I may not have ton, but happy to pitch in for a good cause.