Monday, August 24, 2009

Classroom Hell

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School teacher ramblings below...

My first official day back at school is next Monday. However, since I've had to move classrooms, I headed in today to start the process of setting up my classroom.
Why did I move classrooms? My school hired a fifth grade teacher last October, after school had started, and she was placed in our first grade hall. They wanted to move her to the fifth grade hall, and in turn, 5 other teachers got misplaced due to a domino effect. I was one of those very lucky teachers who was asked to move rooms.

It's been a long, exhausting day. When I moved out of my old room, I packed up about 40 boxes. Today, I found those boxes stacked on a shelf, five boxes high. I worked for about eight hours, but I'm happy to report that every box has been opened. I've still got a lot to do, but I know a lot of progress was made today. My back is so sore from moving furniture and boxes all by myself, and from bending over picking things up, and placing them in cabinets. I've always hated moving (who doesn't?) so this whole experience has been pretty lousy, and yes, I am a little bitter and grumpy about it. I'm trying to have a good attitude, but there have been so many issues with this move that it's been difficult to stay positive.

Hopefully, though, this room will be put together and ready by Friday so that when I go back to work for in-service week next week, I can focus on my job and not the way my classroom looks! And really, my day wasn't that bad. After all, I did come home today to a husband who is going to make me Mongolian for dinner, and he brought the oreos and a glass of milk to me as I whined about my day from the sofa. He's certainly been the high point in my day!

Here a few pictures of what it's looking like now...hopefully next time I post pictures it will actually resemble a classroom!

When I walked in can see about half of the boxes in this picture

Here's the room at 4:30...I know it looks like a tornado went through...but I promise progress really was made!

My desk; it will probably have this much crap piled on it all year!

Now off to eat Mongolian made by my personal chef! Maybe if you ask nicely, I can ask him to share his recipe!


  1. Your classroom is nice and big! This is my first year teaching 2nd grade and we started last Tuesday so I am on week two of teaching! :) Enjoy the calm before the storm!

  2. You classroom looks really nice- big and bright. I hope that everything comes together for you.

    Can we please have the recipe? Pretty please with a cherry on top?

  3. This happened to me this year too! Hang in there! Sorry friend! Think of it as a good excuse to purge the unnecessary supplies!

  4. I bet boxing and moving weren't in your job description posting! Keep up the good work and enjoy the new room!

  5. Just found your blog! Great space for a classroom. I am sure it will come together perfectly.

  6. pssssssssssst.

    come check out my recent blog post. there may or may not be something for you on it!


  7. i undestand how hard is to move ! i move every year ! as a beginner i do not have a class and a school where to stay : so every year it's a surprise made by my minister !
    Your class is so big : sure you made a great job !

  8. Oh man! That looks like a major job to get done! I'm sure it'll all come together though.

    Have fun with dinner.

  9. I'm sorry! I bet that was annoying to have to move all of your stuff! Looks like you have a nice big classroom!

  10. your room is huge!
    i hope you get it all done soon, i'm sure it's going to look great when you're finished!
    look forward to seeing pics of the finished product ;)

  11. What a good husband! I hope you get everything sorted out before school starts back and I hope it will be a good school year for you!