Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Welcome, September.

September is here and I hate to say it, but today has been one of those days. It's just been one thing after another and by 4pm, I was done. My plate is pretty full right now, and I'm one who gets a little frantic when I can't quite balance everything. When I walked out the door, I was ready to come home and collapse on the couch. And collapse I did.

Not gonna dwell on the negatives, though...let's focus on the positives, shall we?
  1. My husband cooked dinner for me tonight while a took my 45 minute nap on the couch.
  2. I got a package delivered to my school mail box from my mom, today. A little something to put in the classroom, it really put a smile on my face.
  3. My new "healthy plan" courtesy of my husband, the spreadsheet and numbers king. All I had to do was say I was thinking about losing weight, and he jumped to action. He loves any excuse he gets to play in excel, and for that, I'm very grateful. Not only did he make me a super spreadsheet to track my progress, but he calculated the calories AND fat in all of our dinners for the week (including this DELICIOUS risotto I made last night,which was just 527 calories per serving, in case you were curious!). And then today, my leftovers from Sunday night's dinner had a sticky note with the calorie info on it. It's nice being married to an engineer who was also a double major in math.
  4. Our windows are open and there's a cool breeze blowing in...thank goodness! It's time for that humidity to go away!
  5. I realized today that I have 98 followers, when did that happen? I'm thinking a giveaway will be in order once I hit 100!
I'm thinking of taking a few days off from the blogging so I can focus on the thousands of little things I need to do before next Tuesday. Maybe a little post here and there, but not much 'til I'm feeling a little less overwhelmed by life.


  1. Just found your blog and I have enjoyed reading! I am also glad it is September!

  2. I wish my husband was that proactive. I basically have to drag him to the gym!

  3. What a great husband! I'm LOVING the cooler weather!!

  4. Yay way to go Hubby! We're loving the cooler weather too! Hope you have a great weekend=)