Saturday, October 3, 2009

5 things I love

Right now I am currently loving the following:

1.) My college sweatpants. They're old and have stains and I don't care one bit. They are the most comfortable thing in the world. In the summer they stay in a drawer for 3 long months, but once the temperature starts to drop in the fall, there's nothing I love to wear more than these!

2.) Sharpie Pens. As fabulous as the markers, but they don't bleed through the paper. The perfect pen in my book. Grading papers is way more fun with these!
3.) This book. It was for book club last month, and even though I couldn't attend the club since we were in Atlanta for the wedding last weekend, I'm still reading it and really enjoying it.

4.) If you're not watching this show, you're missing out. It has been my favorite addition to my tv watching schedule this fall. I look forward to the music all day on Wednesdays! Being a former show choir junkie in my high school days, I believe that this show is made so that people like me can relive our glory days of sequins and big hair! And even better, I've bought just about every one of the songs from iTunes, so now I can listen to it wherever I go!

5.) My new breakfast of choice is Bear Naked apple cinnamon granola with vanilla yogurt. Good bye cereal and milk!

And there you have it! What are you into right now?


  1. Oh, I am a pen-luva (hard to keep a good supply with 3 kids who seemingly run off with them?) I am SO checkin out the sharpie pens! I already have a collection of the markers (;

    I am also a fan of the sweats when cool weather hits (the hubby - not so much) Check out what it on my to-get list - a compromise - a little sexy, in a comfortable, practical way:

    Have a great weekend!

  2. I love the Sharpie pen! I refuse to sign a card with anything else these days.

    Glee is definitely one of the best new shows on tv. I'm eagerly waiting for Finn and Rachel to get together, lol.

    And Bear Naked is delicious. I've been putting it in my vanilla yogurt for a while now. And their apple cinnamon is so good :)

  3. I still live in my college sweatpants - from Homecoming 2004! :)

  4. Girl, I could not agree with you more on your list..LOVE my college sweatpants! My husband says he's gonna burn them when I'm not And I love Glee even more! I was in Show Choir in High School as well! :)

  5. GLEE!!! i'm obsessed :)
    i love comfy clothes!!
    have you are having a great weekend! :)

  6. About three years ago, I watched a show about how bear naked came to be. They started in their kitchen and grew it into a business...and now they are huge!
    Love the Glee show too!

  7. I feel you on all accounts! Love my sweats, those pens, that book, that show, and the granola! We're definitely on the same wavelength with our current loves.

  8. All right, back to the Christmas Shopping for the nieces and nephew. I don't know about THEIR parents, but I would love it if my kids (got as a gift) some AWESOME water bottles that would last for a long time and they could fill every day when they leave the house. I love the Kleen Canteens:

    We also picnic quite a bit, or they take their lunches to school - so a timeless lunch box would be nice. REi also has some nice ones (;

    Or, watches. Especially if you are trying to get them all the same thing, only unique to each one. Here is an adorable pink timex:

    I know Wal-mart/Target has Timex too and they are awesome!

    Have a great weekend!


    p.s. I'll stop thinking now (;

  9. I need those Sharpie pens! I didn't know they existed!

    I also need to watch Glee! I've heard nothing but good things about it!

  10. i love a 'favorites list'!
    i've had the potatoe peel society book on my list to read--glad to know you're loving it.
    happy fall

  11. oh my goodness, I love wearing sweatpants, too!

  12. I LOVE the sharpie pens! I tried watching Glee but couldn't really get into it. Maybe cause I can't sing and I'm jealous of everybody who can?!?!