Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Engagement Party

This past weekend, we drove to Richmond for an engagement party for an old friend of mine, Her wedding is in November, and in 2 weeks I'll be celebrating with her at her bachelorette party. She's such a special friend, and we were happy to make the drive to celebrate with her and her fiance for the evening. Sadly, my camera batteries were dead (womp womp), but I stole a few of her pictures from facebook.

The couple we were celebrating

Old friends

The husband and me

And best of all, there was a fabulous variety of beer and some wonderful food. What more could you want? And I'm proud to say I used a great deal of will power with a lot of the food at this party. I'm happy to report that operation lose my happy wedding weight is going well! I recently hit 10 pounds, which I did in a little more than 5 weeks!

1 comment:

  1. How are you possibly losing weight when you are baking the chocolate oatmeal bars?? I guess that's why you took them to WORK!

    Congratulations to your friend~ she will make a beautiful bride! Love the picture of you & the hubs; can't wait to see the wedding!