Tuesday, October 27, 2009

a river is not the same as a mountain

Today was one of those not so great days at work. I had a child confuse a river with a mountain after two weeks of studying Virginia geography. Taking deep breaths and trying very hard to not bang my head on the wall, I moved on and kept my head held high. We all have those days.

To cheer me up, I'm compiling a list of good things I've got going on right now. Staying positive and I'm not gonna let a bad day get me down.

Moving to a better apartment in December.
S'more Cookie Bars I made last night.
Beef Kabobs J made tonight.
One of my best friends got engaged after she ran her first marathon on Sunday.
We have a pumpkin, finally.
Wore my argyle tights today, got a boat load of compliments.
Homemade ginger bread cookies + icing from a student.
6 fresh knots of garlic sitting in my kitchen, courtesy of a coworkers garden.
TaDa Lists, my new favorite way of staying organized.
Biggest Loser on my television.
Finalizing our Thanksgiving plans.

Life is good.


  1. Way to stay positive! I have definitely had those days...

  2. I am dying laughing- because I have SO been there, sister! OMG kids make you NUTS!
    Glad you're being positive!