Thursday, November 12, 2009

Eggs are for suckers.

(thank you to my husband for sending me this ridiculous video)


Who buys these contraptions? I can't even tell you the last time I got an egg shell in my food.

And please do share if you crack your eggs by slamming them down on the counter top. There's not a single person I can think of who cracks eggs this way.

PS...I'm home again today due to the storm. Our city has streets that have flooded pretty badly, and the 50+ mph winds were enough for them to cancel school.


  1. Ha ha ha that thing is ridic!! I mean seriously!

    And I crack mine using a butter knife - just for the record! :)

    I'm so glad you didn't have to go into work today it's so nasty out there!!

  2. Well, I don't slam my eggs on the's more of a light "tap, tap." ;) Or, I use the edge of the mixing bowl or whatever I'm cracking the egg into. use a butter knife??

  3. you must be kidding me... this gave me a good laugh! there is NO WAY it cracks hard boiled eggs that easily...

    i thought normal people cracked eggs on the corner of the counter or bowl?

  4. LOL! So funny! But don't hate, remember The Snuggie? So ridiclous yet millions sold! :-)

  5. I totally agree with you, this is totally redic!!

  6. Oh my- I totally crack my eggs by slamming them on the counter. No wonder I ruined so many egg products.

  7. I lightly tap it on the countertop... I always, always, always break it if I crack it against a bowl ledge... Whatever works for you, you do!

  8. I am SO getting the EZ Cracker. In fact, it is on my Christmas list for everyone I know.



    Actually, my ten year old watched the video with me and thought it was "AWESOME"!

    I could store it right next to some other fancy kitchen contraptions I'd never use ;)