Tuesday, November 17, 2009

kidney beans & chorizo

My husband and I both cook in our home. We take turns, which makes everyone's life a lot easier. But the funny thing is, we don't share recipes. He has his recipes, I have mine. There is no overlap. If I find a recipe and make it, it's mine. He'd never dream of cooking one of my recipes, and vice versa. I'd never in a million years make his spaghetti.

Every Sunday when J and I make our weekly meal plan, he usually asks me what meal of his I'd like for him to make. Every Sunday, without fail, I always respond by saying kidney beans and chorizo. And then four out of five times he tells me no, because he "just" made it.

Last week, I finally got him to cave and make it for me, as it had been at least four weeks since we'd had it. Entirely too long by my standards. It was delicious, as always, and while it's a simple and basic meal, I could eat it daily and never complain.

We serve it over rice, and we usually don't include the mint, as it's a bit pricey, and the dish is great without it. So without further ado, Baked Kidney Beans and Chorizo!


  1. I think it's great that both of you cook! That looks yummy!

  2. My husband and I are the same way. I would never attempt to make his breakfast burritos and he wouldn't try my twice baked potatoes!

  3. What a coincidence...I happen to have chorizo in my fridge. And, there's never a shortage of rice in this half-Asian household. ;-)

    Looks delish!

  4. that is so cute! i love that you each have "your" recipes!=)

  5. I had chorizo overdose when I was abroad in Spain. It's been a year though, so perhaps it's time I make some of it to eat again...