Wednesday, November 18, 2009


Today I wore a cute wrap dress, a ruffly denim jacket and ballet flats to work. I topped it off with a favorite necklace, and I thought I was looking pretty good. Since it's getting chilly out, I added pantyhose to the outfit. I've got a dozen pairs of tights but none went with this dress, and I knew I couldn't show my bare, dry legs in public, and more importantly, I knew I'd be freezing if I didn't have something on my legs.

Around 3pm, an older, not so stylish coworker says to me, "I'm so glad to see that you're wearing hose. I thought they were out of style."


Would anyone care to explain this statement to me? Are hose really out of style or should I not trust her judgment? I was a little baffled, and then I spent the rest of the day wondering if people were snickering at me behind my back since I was so unstylish.

So, my fashionista readers (because I know there's a lot of you), please fill me in. Am I really out of the loop and wearing something that has been exiled from fashion this season, or do I just have a coworker who talks too much and didn't know what she was talking about?

Edit: Well, after reading a few comments, it turns out that I dress like an old lady. Great. Apparently I missed this little memo. Looks like I need to invest in more tights, tan my legs in the winter, or stop wearing skirts and dresses this time of year.

HOWEVER, my bff and former roommate who I consider to be my style consultant just told me via gchat that it's okay to wear hose. After a long explanation of the history of women and hose, she says they serve a purpose:

and it serves a purpose:
it lets you shave less
hides paleness
prevents blisters
so it's not a faux paus, but it now associated with being old-fashioned
so it's a tradeoff

So...I'll still leave it up for debate, but I'm pretty sure I'll be wearing my hose again, regarldess of how "conservative" or "old fashioned" they may seem. I'd rather be considered "old fashioned" if my other option is cold and pale!


  1. The only time I wear hose is with a suit for work. Other that that, it's all about the tights.

  2. Hmm, thank goodness for Florida warm weather...I would hate to make a hose mistake...and I might!

  3. I forego hose at all costs, but that's just because I find them outrageously uncomfortable! Maybe many people 'our age' do the same so therefore you just don't see it? And since this woman is older she noticed, because back in the day people wore panty hose even with their PJs.

  4. I try to never wear them unless it's a must for a work suit or something. I go with the tights but I don't consider myself a major fashion person.....

  5. I wear hose with all of my formal dresses, like to weddings and such. I hate them, but I'm super pale and look a little silly without them.

    I've never heard of them being out of style. I work at CVS, and we sell tons of them, including to young people.

  6. Well, it's funny that you posted this because I always have the "hose" battle in my head before work in the winter when I'm wearing a skirt. Here are my thoughts. Yes, those fake tan (dark unnatural brown and orangish) hose are out of style. You probably knew that. And a lot of the cheaper ones even when in the correct color look cheap, thick, gross. However, I have noticed that if you go expensive you'll be more pleased when it comes to pantyhose. Try it. Even when they're black, they are still barely there and look good. That said, I go w/ tights when I can.

  7. I am a hose snob. I'll wear a pair once...right out of the package...and that's it. And, the sad thing is, I don't buy cheap hose.

    I used to wear hose a lot when I worked in a different office setting (thank goodness jeans are the preferred 'uniform' for my current job).

    Now, I wear it to formal functions or when I'm wearing my business casual clothes for something. Last time I wore hose it was the kind with the thong toes for open-toed about weird!!! I haven't worn tights in years, but I used to rock the hell out of some tights back in the day. I guess I need to start again.

    Anyways, I think it was a little bold of the older, less fashionable coworker to say what she said. Chalk it up to jealousy because I'm sure you rocked that outfit yesterday...hose & all. ;-)

  8. I don't really get the hose hatred. As long as they are close to your natural skin shade, that is. It does look silly when a person's legs are ten shades darker than their hands and face. However, in professional or formal settings, I think they look polished.

  9. I try not to wear hose, only cause I hate how they feel half the time. BUT I love patterned tights.

  10. I am not equipped to speak to the fashionability of hose, but I refuse to wear them. They are just really gross and icky to me.

    Why they are so different from opaque tights, I don't know. Something about the "see through" article of clothing and the slight shimmer and weird skin color issues...I don't know. I am a freak, sorry.

    I am in court all of the times and I still don't wear hose. I know that is totally unacceptable in parts of the country, but it doesn't seem to be an issue here in the midwest.

  11. I a MUCH bigger fan of tights, but I think there are times that hose are appropriate... but even then, I go for sheer black. NO DALLAS COWBOY CHEERLEADER "SUNTAN" HOSE!

  12. HAhaha.

    I hate panty hose. It's tights or bare legs for me.

  13. I haven't worn hose in about 15 years, BUT what does that mean? It means that I don't wear them because I think they're 1) uncomfortable, and 2) only worn with dress clothes of which I hardly have an excuse to wear. I noticed in a previous post that you wore some colored ones a while back (the picture of your feet in blades of grass). And, honestly, it's adorable!! It also promotes uniqueness ;) You wear your tights, darn it! And you enjoy every minute of it.

  14. I don't wear them often, but I think you should...I don't think that they are "out of style", and they are perfectly acceptable! Wear them as often as you like! :)

  15. I steer clear of 'hose as I think they're super uncomfortable. Sheer tights are still in style. Especially ones with patterns. : )

  16. Shiny, dark hose = disgusting.

    Otherwise, it's totally necessary! Who wants to see bare legs with a work outfit? Gross!

    I'll put my money on the fact that nylons will never go out of style, even as tights and leggings fade in and out. It just feels wrong to have bare legs, especially where I live (way up north).

  17. this makes me laugh- i haven't worn hose in years, but i suppose they serve lots of purposes. i guess it depends if you are a "comfort" person or a "cute" person!!!

  18. i think that there is a difference in "hose" and "tights". with that being said, tights are now in, especially colord tights (like chocolate brown) with boots.