Monday, December 7, 2009

Biggest Loser Finale

Tomorrow is the big day!

As mentioned before, I am a serious Biggest Loser fan. I don't watch a lot of reality tv anymore (it's all I watched in college), but this show is one my favorites. Tomorrow is the finale and it's time to share my thoughts.

Liz and Amanda are fine by me, but I never really loved them like the two guys. I'd be happy to see either one win, they're both great women who have worked hard, but they aren't my first choices.

I really liked Abby and Allen early on, and was sad to see each of them go. If either of them were left, they'd probably still be my first choice.

Which leaves us with Rudy and Danny, both whom I love. Two wonderful men, who have big hearts and strong wills. If I had to pick one to be a winner, I think my first choice would be Danny. He's just so nice and genuine.

This was Danny before the show:
The guy has lost 201 pounds in 12 weeks. When they sent the contestants home for 60 days, he lost 58 pounds. Not an easy accmoplishment. This was Danny last week (not a great shot, but you get the idea):

I think he looks so wonderful! It also helps that NBC colored his hair for his makeover.

Do you watch the show? Who do you want to see win the whole thing? Who do you hope makes it into the final 3, Liz or Amanda?


  1. Gosh Danny looks really good! I want him to win!

  2. I loved Abby and Alan too - they were the best and I cried when they were eliminated!

    As for Danny... well, I'm glad he's lost so much weight and all... the 59 pounds in 60 days.. just made me want to cry. I know that early in the show many contestants lose more than a pound per day.. but at this point in the competition, that should be IMPOSSIBLE - no matter how much training or dieting he did.

    Did you notice how he literally went ashen/gray during most of the marathon?

    What I'm trying to say is - he's literally starving himself - and from the looks of it, his hearth... and I think it's a horrible message if he wins. He took shortcuts that may be compromising his health and if that gets him the win... well... I guess that's how it goes.

    Wow, is this rant-y enough for you?

    I am just kinda disappointed with the finalists this year.... I'm not really thrilled for any of them.

    Must. Stop. Ranting. Now.

  3. I loved Abby and Alan too. Alan was always so nice to everyone!!

    I just got hooked this season and I really like Danny but I think I'm rooting for Rudy! I agree with the comment above about Danny I think he may have been starving himself to lose those pounds he looked pretty bad during the marathon.

    I can't wait to see who wins though!

  4. I can't believe how thin he is. It's amazing! I'm definitely rooting for him!

  5. I can't wait either!! I don't really have a favorite, just can't wait to see who wins!

  6. I do love Amanda, but I think Danny is going to win. Cannot wait to watch it tonight!

  7. I haven't got to watch any of this season! I've been so bummed to miss it! I'm hoping they'll do the marathon before the finale so I can catch up!

  8. I haven't got to watch any of this season! I've been so bummed to miss it! I'm hoping they'll do the marathon before the finale so I can catch up!

  9. it's happening right now, haha. we're rooting for Danny too=)

  10. He was my favorite and I only was able to see the last 3-4 episodes. I was floored by tonight's show! Danny looked AMAZING and so much younger! :)

  11. I don't watch much TV but I've caught a couple episodes of the biggest loser and really liked it. I've actually been meaning to set it up to be Tivo'd.

    I can't believe how much weight that guy lost! He looks like a different person!

  12. i don't watch the show but holy wow! that is a HUGE change! and so fast...