Sunday, December 6, 2009

Thanksgiving...a week late

I know Thanksgiving was 9 days ago, but that doesn't mean it's too late to share.

We headed to Massachusetts to spend Thanksgiving with J's family. It was so fun seeing his immediate family, plus his cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandmother. She celebrated her 80th birthday this year, and we wanted to be there to celebrate. We missed her party on Saturday because we had to head back for my friend's wedding, but that didn't make a difference to us. We were just glad to be there and visit with her.

This is everyone on Thanksgiving evening. Two of J's cousins has babies this year and I married into the family in 2008, so a new family photo was needed.

A few other photos...the adorable girls are our nieces. They are such hams in front of the camera.

I love this one. When J left to go next door to his aunt's for coffee, Layla sat by the door the whole time and just waited for him to come back. Although she is technically "my" dog, she loves J more than anyone on this planet.


  1. Sweet Layla :) I love the tradition of taking a picture of the whole gang - and the girls are so sweet! I can see how those girls could break ya!

  2. Looks like my little Billy... He is definitely a 'door' dog - loves sitting by it, either waiting for us, or for someone to pass by. Sooooo cute!

  3. Your camera is taking great pictures. They looks so clear.

  4. The pictures are great! I love that your dog sat there waiting for him!

  5. beautiful pics! and that is so cute about Layla waiting by the door=)! Makes me miss the puppy (I'll always call him that=)) we had growing up!