Wednesday, January 27, 2010


Let's just start today by saying this, I love blue cheese. It's so tangy and delicious. One of my favorite parts of many meals!

I may or may not eat little pieces straight from the container as mini snacks while cooking...

Now that all of that is out of my system, let me share one of my favorite recipes with you...Bacon Mac 'n Cheese. Yes. That's right...two of your favorite foods combined together in one of the yummiest dishes you'll ever eat!

I need to thank Iowa Girl Eats for sharing this recipe with me. A lot of my favorite recipes have come from her. If you don't read her blog, you should start!

This meal is so simple, very tasty, IT HAS BACON AND CHEESE, and it is, surprisingly, not too high in calories. It's actually a Cooking Light recipe and 1/6 of the dish only has 399 calories. Not terrible! Here is the recipe source and the nutrition facts.

I made a few teeny tiny changes. I added in some blue cheese (are you surprised after my little announcement above?). I also threw in a few shakes of ground mustard seed and some onion powder. That's all though.

Here's what it looked like before going in the broiler. It was hard to not just want to eat it here, but trust me, the broiling is worth while!

See? Once it comes out of the broiler it's super crunchy and the perfect amount of brown on top.

Serve in your favorite bowl and enjoy! A blood orange is a nice little addition, just in case you're wondering!

There ya have it. If you are one of the crazy people eating mac and cheese from a box, PLEASE stop and try this. It's much easier than you'd expect, and again, it has bacon! How can that be bad?



  1. YUM! This looks delicious! I definitely starred it in my Google Reader so I can make it later.

  2. Send the leftovers to Austin, TX please :)

  3. My boyfriend always says cheese and bacon makes everything better.

    In this case, you both are correct!

  4. YUMMM!!! Thanks for sharing the recipe & stopping by my blog! Can't wait to see more recipes!

  5. And this just became my new favorite meal. I'm gonna have to make this!

  6. This sounds so yummy, especially with the blue cheese!

  7. Omg, this looks awesome and is making me crave Mac & Cheese so bad!! Love your take on the recipe! :D