Wednesday, January 20, 2010


Remember last summer when I begged you all for your help with saving Boxtops for Education? I'm gonna do it again!

Look at all that my kids and YOU all have helped us to collect since October!
(Also, I do use Mrs., not Ms. The PTA made this bag and assumed I wasn't married. Very uncool.)

I posted HERE back in August asking for help with this project and I must say a BIG thank you to my fabulous Cousin (in law) Lauren, Newlywed Nextdoor, Lacey Bean from Perks of Being a JAP, and Sara who all sent me tons of boxtops in the past few months. Thank you a thousand times from my students and me!

Our next collection is February 11, and if you have just one boxtop, I'd love for you to send it to me if you don't mind wasting a stamp. You'd be surprised how many items have's a list. If you don't have a place to donate your boxtops, I will happily take them. Each one gives ten cents to my school!

If you have any boxtops that you'd like to mail me, please email me at innosimplelanguage(at)gamil(dot)com

And that concludes my begging for the day. Thank you all!


  1. Oh good, I was going to email you and see when you wanted them! I have a bunch more to send you!

  2. A few of the schools I work at collect box tops too. Looks like you guys are doing well! :)

  3. I would love to help out with this. I just looked on my Fiber One box at work and it has one!! Sending you an email now!

  4. What a good idea to ask your bloggy friends!! We collect those too, so I think I'll keep mine. Sorry!

  5. So funny... I cut off a boxtop last night and was wondering when I could send them again! Unfortunately, I may have cut a little too far on some... and there aren't as many! I'll get them to you soon, though!

  6. I'll start saving them up for you!!

  7. We will totally send you box tops and I'll put your post in my weekend links so hopefully my readers send some your way too!