Thursday, February 4, 2010

...cuz they stay in the jar

The other day I was reading my facebook "wall to wall" history between me and an old pal (who I just learned is also a blog reader, hi Hil!), and I was reminded of a hilarious story to share with you all.

Back in the spring of '06 I did my student teaching at a school in little town that was really, quite honestly in the middle of nowhere. In fact, it was pretty much in a "holler".

To help you understand this school a little better, every class in the school had about 4 kids with the same last name. There were also about eight staff members at this school with that same last name. There was also a kindergarten teacher who ran the town mafia (for reals) and weighed about 400 pounds and taught five year olds from a rolling chair. Additionally the principal once made this comment at a staff meeting...

School Social Chair: And we hope you all come out Friday night for our staff social for dance lessons. It will be a lot of fun!
Crazy Principal: You've all heard of Dancing with the Stars, this is our version called Dancing with the TARDS. No offense special ed!


It was at this time that I realized I was teaching for what might be one of the most under qualified and incompetent principals in all of America.

Anyhow, two weeks later, he held a dance assembly for the whole school to attend. We took my kindergartners to this assembly of scantily dressed 10 yeard olds who, I kid you not, danced on stage to the beautiful song "GOODIES" by Ciara and the rapper Petey Pablo (North Carolina, c'mon and raise up!).

Anyhow, Let me share some lyrics from "Goodies" for you all, just in case you've never heard this fine song...
I'm not going home with you. You won't get no nookie or the cookies
I'm no rookie.
If you ain't Sexy, independent I ain't wit' it so you already know.

Appropriate for five year olds, right?

The sad part is, this all actually happened. This principal sat in the back of the cafetorium (cafeteria/auditorium) and smiled. I starred at my fellow student teachers, and I think we all didn't know whether we should laugh or cry.

Thankfully, I teach at a school now where this would never happen. However, I will have you all know that upon writing this post, I visited this school's web page, and this excellent man is STILL leading this school. Reassuring, isn't it?


  1. SIGHS! a selfish little part of me still wishes you taught there so that you could come home and tell us stories again. ( :

  2. I hope and pray this school was not in my district! Haha. That would =) We are on our 4th snow day this week! Probably won't have school tomorrow because we are supposed to get over a foot of snow! Talk about a winter break! Glad your dog loved the snow!

  3. I am disturbed. So disturbed! How do people like this not get fired? Seriously, there should be LESS job security in education because of crap like that!

  4. Wow...the stories from our schools never cease to amaze me!

  5. Haha, wow! I can't believe they played that!

  6. Oh dear goodness. I have no words.

  7. Wow, that's terrible!

    Part of my student teaching was in a 2nd grade classroom in the inner city and the security guards would play rap music at recess for the kids to dance to. I couldn't believe the lyrics or how dirty the dancing was and no one really said a word about it!

  8. that is seriously so disturbing. when i lived in atlanta - i worked as a volunteer for junior achievement. i was basically to teach a bunch of 5th graders who could care less about business.

    one time i walked in the classroom to begin, and they were having "free time" while the teacher blasted 50 cent.

    I was shocked, but apparently this is normal!

  9. Oh my. :x

  10. Eeek! I think it is sad that God isn't allowed in school, but 50 cent and Petey Pablo are!

    Help us now!


  11. It's scary that things like that still go on. What a creep!

  12. That guy STILL has a job??

  13. What the hell?? Did you make this up? Please tell me you did.

  14. Hahaha! This makes me so happy. Yes, it is disturbing, but at the time: ridculous and also hilarious. How wrong of them to send us there and lead us to believe all principals are like that! I don't know how he remained employed!

  15. Hey!
    I don't know if you remember me, but this is Lozzy from LJ and I said I was gonna read your blog here now but I forgot about it for a while and just found the link a little while ago and at first I was like, "Whose blog is this?" but then I saw the picture of Layla and I remembered it was your blog! So I'm gonna have to read more often from now on. I want to make a blog but I never have enough time to write posts or take pictures. Maybe when I'm done with my Master's and have free time again, lol. I can't believe that principal hasn't gotten in trouble for playing that song or for making that comment!
    Also, I'm gonna request to follow you on Twitter if that's okay. I'm pinkgrapefruits on there. :)

  16. OK, that's just ridiculous. And, it makes me sad, too. Very sad.