Wednesday, March 24, 2010

gardening...80's style

Long before we moved to our house, long before I even lived with my husband, I knew about his plans to garden one day in his future. Not long after moving into our home with a yard (!!!) in December, he ordered this book...I may have made fun of him for buying a book from 1981. Here are his thoughts on the book...
"I'm using the Square Foot Gardening method, which is methodical, rational, precise, patterned. What else could an engineer ask for?"

Turns out though, this book may be filling my table with fresh veggies and herbs all summer. I guess I shouldn't make fun of him.

After ordering the book he then ordered seeds. I suppose he could have waited til spring and bought them at a local store, but he began this whole process back in January when no one had seeds for sale.

The seeds above are onions. If I remember correctly, he's growing two types of onions. Which is a-okay with me, as I sort of include onions in everything. Onions and garlic have short lives in our kitchen. In addition to onions, he has some potatoes, tomatoes, cucumbers, carrots, spinach, lettuce, and herbs he's planning on growing. He's an ambitious gardener.

On Saturday, it was a beautiful 78 degrees in southeast Virginia, and, while I sat in the yard with the dog and got a sun burn, my husband worked hard to clean out this old garden box from the previous owners. It's 16x4 feet, and well built. And it gets buckets of sunlight. Sunlight that also makes for a good sunburn on your shoulders.

It really is one of our favorite parts of this house. We weren't looking for a house with a gardening box, but this just happens to be a major perk. However, it needed a lot of work. It was way overgrown, and quite frankly, it was a mess. So I let my husband get to work as I continued to sit around with a book. He's a pretty cute gardener.

Once the box was cleaned out (which was a big task), he was able to build the square foot boxes....

And then some seeds were planted. Many little, teeny, tiny seeds that will become veggies on my plates. Hopefully.

However, even if the garden doesn't grow, take a look at the cilantro he's growing inside in our kitchen window. It's well on its way to becoming part of my next batch of pico de gallo.

If you are a gardener, feel free to share any tips! We are, or I should just say he is, clearly a novice. If you have a green thumb, share away!


  1. You are going to have a great garden! You guys are growing so much! Your hubs reminds me of mine with all his little squares. Last year we grew like 5 different kinds of people, tomatoes, and cantaloupe. I think we're going to try green beans this year!

  2. I am so jealous! Unfortunately, we are still in an apartment so no garden for us. But I still try to have a few pots of herbs in the kitchen for cooking. You will love having fresh cilantro on hand! Your garden will be amazing and I cannot wait to read about all of the delicious veggies it produces :)

  3. Well, funnily enough, we used that exact same book in our old house to start a garden. Some things grew quite well. Others didn't.

    Turns out, reviewers say that method doesn't work well for Floridians. So we're no test case. There's too much heat/sun here.

    Good luck!

  4. Oh how fun! We are more gardeners of the flower-type at our house...since Hubby has a serious aversion to vegetables of almost any kind. Oh and an 85 lb lab in the backyard doesn't make for a very good gardening environment!

  5. Ohhh fun! I can't wait to see how it turns out! Wouldn't it be cool if you could save a lot of $$ on produce?

    No garden for us now. Just potted plants on a balcony. Maybe someday...

  6. your box garden is so cute ! You're lucky to be able to gardening : alas i'm living in a appartement.
    Good luck for the growing veggies!
    ps: you should add some strawberries plants mmm!

  7. We've got all sorts of stuff growing in the house right now in little containers in our back window. Outside we have red onions leftover from two seasons ago & our pineapple sage has started growing back on it's own. Oh, and there's rosemary out there, too.

    We love growing our own herbs...cilantro & basil get used quite often around here. We'll see how well our veggies do this year. Last year we planted too early...or maybe we had a late frost. I don't remember. But, we still had a lot of tomatoes, cukes & hot peppers!

  8. awww I think it's so cute that he's taken such an interest in gardening! I have no tips as I tend to kill most plants, but good luck!