Thursday, March 18, 2010

grapefruits and my great grandmother

When I was a little girl, I would eat grapefruits at my great grandmother's house in Pennsylvania. She'd pull out the sugar jar and I'd coat mine in sugar. Then I'd dig in with my serrated spoon.

I still buy grapefruit, I still eat them with (just a little bit of) sugar, and I even have the spoon. And one of the main reasons I love them is because it makes me think of my great grandma.

Along with homemade pizza. When we'd go visit when I was little girl, she'd make us pizza from scratch at nine pm if we told her we were hungry. My sister and I would pretty much do this on every trip, because we knew my mother would tell her we didn't need it, but she'd make it for us anyway.

Or ladyfingers. Quite possibly the greatest pastry I've ever had. She made the best. THE best. Her's were actually better than the wikipedia description, because they had a sugary, cream filling.

And my crotched afghan from her. It's dirty and gross and a blend of awful colors. But I could never get rid of it. None of my other blankets compare.

Bath salts. When I smell them, I think of her guest bathroom which was full of fancy bath "stuff". We just had generic bubble bath at my house, so taking a bath in her bathroom was a special treat.

And sometimes when I catch Wheel of Fortune in the evening, she comes to mind, as I have many memories of her watching it.


I miss you Grandma Phillips and Grandpap.


  1. What precious sweet memories!

  2. Awe that's so sweet. I didn't know any of my great grandparents. Lucky you.

  3. This post is so beautiful: i almost cry reading such simple and strong memories... I often notice that grand-parents memories are linked with food memories , smell and cozy feeling ... Those memories are precious because one day , sure , you will share them with your children: childhood is the best scene...

  4. That's so great that you go to know you great-grandma. What amazing memories to have. Such a sweet post!

    My only living great-grandparent died when I was 8. We called her "Nannie" and despite the fact I was pretty young when she died I do remember some great things about her.

  5. What a sweet, sweet post! I too very much enjoy grapefruits but it's one of those things I only eat at my parent's house.

    I was privileged enough to know a couple of my great grandmothers & I have such fond memories of them!

  6. Oh how sweet:( I used to eat grapefruits with my dad with the same kind of spoon!!

  7. how do you get your pictures so big in your posts?? and thanks for the sweet comments about my callyn!!

  8. how special that you have such great memories of your great grandmother!

  9. I didn't get to spend a lot of time with my great-grandparents so it's nice to read your memories and live through you a little. Love the story!

  10. Aww, what a sweet memory. I remember my grandma doing the same with the sprinkle of sugar only I have never seen that cool serrated spoon!

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