Monday, April 19, 2010

Menu Monday + a cookie fail

Time for my second round of Menu Monday! Here are our meals for the week...

My meals:
Giada De Laurentiis' Champagne Risotto
Black Bean Spaghetti, recipe in this blog post
Burrito Bowls courtesy of Iowa Girl Eats

J's meals:
Chorizo and Kidney Beans, recipe in this blog post
Mongolian Beef (he's subbing the beef for pork)

And a few extras for ya!
Last night we went to a cookout for my community group at church. I volunteered to make a dessert and pasta salad. When I started thinking of desserts to make, I decided to go with these toffee, butterscotch, and chocolate chip cookies (thank you again Iowa Girl Eats!).

Who doesn't love cookies with Heath Bar?

And butterscotch chips!

And just for fun, let's just talk about how much I love my KitchenAid stand mixer. She is so beautiful. And so helpful when you mix super thick dough with oatmeal in it.

So after letting them cook for a few minutes, they came out looking and smelling heavenly...

And I stole one to confirm that they were quite heavenly. (This is the time for you to star this post in your reader so you don't forget to make these!)

And then I put 'em on a plate and got 'em ready to take to the cookout. Ready to go, right?

NO! Because at this point I reread the email with directions to the cookout only to realize it said "NO NUTS!" in all caps since there would be a child there with severe nut allergies. Fail, fail, fail. Toffee is made from almonds. My yummy cookies were a no go. I guess this just means more for us!

So.....while I stayed home and ate the 4 dozen cookies I had already baked ...

I also baked a tray of no nut brownies since I had committed to bringing a dessert. It all worked out...

And there ya have it. Moral of the story, read your emails carefully, and make these cookies for those without nut allergies!


  1. Loving Menu Monday! Props to you for being able to throw together not one but two desserts in one afternoon :) Both look amazing and I will definitely be stealing the cookie recipe!

  2. Oh bummer! But the cookies do look DELISH!

  3. Those cookies look amazing -- I wish I was your neighbor so I could come over and help you eat them! Ha!

    Nice recovery with the brownies :)

  4. Those cookies look fabulous! Don't you hate it when you miss important details?!?

  5. Oh no!!!! So funny because we were just talking about how nut allergies were such a big deal these days but they didn't used to be! Also funny because I just made cupcakes with those same Heath bits!! I haven't posted the recipe yet but check it out when I do!! :)

  6. haha you are so cute :) mmmmm, those sound yummy! did you guys paint the blue walls? i love it! ours are very similar!

  7. Well that's a good thing that you noticed the no nuts thing before showing up with the cookies! Good catch!

  8. I wish I would have been your neighbor - I could have helped you polish off your hard work :) I love nuts! tee-hee!

  9. Ha - I just saw the newlywed next door wishes SHE were your neighbor. Fine.

    I will settle for sending you my address so those cookies can come via USPS - they are still good for something!

  10. Love the Menu Monday's! You are the best bloggy friend for doing them! You know I will be taking advantage of them!