Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Europe Footwear

With our upcoming trip to Europe, I am on the hunt for some good walking shoes. I would like a great pair of sandals and maybe some flats that are good for walking. I plan to wear a lot of sundresses while we're there, so tennis shoes aren't really the look I'm trying to go for on my feet.

While in Philly this past weekend my friend H was talking about how when she went to Russia one summer in college, she didn't wear the best shoes and her mom still jokes about how that trip was the worst thing that's ever happened to her feet. I don't want that to happen!

Here are some choices I've found on the ol' interwebs...anyone have any of these shoes? Any other pairs that I haven't found that you'd suggest? I'm going for comfort here, not style, but I also don't want to look like I'm seventy years old. Feel free to chime in! If you've been to Europe, or really anywhere where you've done a great deal of walking, what did you wear?

Lands End


  1. i have a bunch of friends who LOVE the lands end mary jane style sneaks... (the first one)... i've also heard good things about these (http://www.patagonia.com/web/us/product/patagonia-footwear-shoes-womens-maha?p=79683-0-782) but they are mucho dinero ( :

    i wore a pair of birkenstocks for the entire summer i was in europe. i destroyed the shoes, but my feet loved me! ( :

  2. when i have to do a lot of walking i always wear my sperry topsiders. they have super cute colors this summer and they never make my feet hurt! they're also great for the classroom! good luck!

  3. Ooo. Those are some cute and comfy looking shoes! I really love the sandals...I might have to get them...even if I'm not going to Europe! :)

    I'd imagine you'd definitely want some comfy shoes, so good luck finding the right ones!

  4. I agree with Domestic Goddess... I love my Sperrys. I've had them since 2005 and they have never done me wrong! I have the Bluefish 2-eye boat shoe... and they never gave me blisters! http://www.sperrytopsider.com/store/SiteController/sperry/productdetails?stockNumber=9276619&showDefaultOption=true&skuId=***7********9276619*M090&productId=7-104410&catId=cat90048DM

  5. The sandals are too cute and look super comfy too! I have to agree with everyone else about the Sperry Topsiders. I have a pair of the traditional tan ones and not only do they go with everything, they are comfortable and great in wet weather!

  6. So lucky! Going to Europe. Don't know much about any of those shoes, so can't help there, but just found your blog and love it. Follow us at:

  7. You're gonna think I'm nuts BUT I lived in Spain a few summers ago and couldn't seem to find reasonably priced walking shoes. I landed in Spain with a simple pair of black Reef flip flops and my feet never hurt ONCE. I was shocked! I literally lived in them. Might be a nice addition to your trip wardrobe!

  8. I LOVE these Merrells for the exact situations you are describing! They will forever be my "Euro-Shoes"!


    Here's a more "summery" pair as well!

  9. I just stumbled across your blog--your trip sounds fun!

    Shoes for Europe was always tricky for me. I too lived in a pair of Reef flip flops while I was there, they were great! There is also a type of flip flops called OluKai (they have them at Nordstrom) that look very comfy and have a ton of arch support.

    Good luck with your search!

  10. I'm a little jealous you're going to Europe . . . I walk a lot in the summer too, but just at camp not Europe (so my footwear options dont have to be as fashionable) but I wear my Chacos all summer long :-) I like the sandals you put up here a lot too!

  11. They are ALL sooo cute. And Europe??? Okay, I’m pretty much jealous!! Ha! :)

  12. You are so smart! When I was backpacking in Europe my bad shoes literally left me with shin splints, tendonides, and eventually in a Swiss hospital. Definitely remember to break them in before you go!

  13. I'm with rachel. I did the birkenstock thing and was way happy. But I also hear really great things about chacos. They're connected by just one strap, so they support reeeally well!

  14. So I know I just commented...but right after I did I went over to Pioneer Women's website and she had a great list of comfortable walking shoes too! Great minds must think alike!

    In case you missed it: http://thepioneerwoman.com/homeandgarden/2010/05/these-shoes-were-made-for-walkin/?utm_source=feedburner&utm_medium=feed&utm_campaign=Feed%3A+pioneerwoman-full-rss-feed+%28Pioneer+Woman+FULL+RSS+FEED%29

  15. Those are all super cute! Normally I stick with my standard reef sandles or my Sperry Top Siders. However, those LL Bean mary janes are adorable!

  16. birkenstock for ever : for walking is the best , your feet enjoy the summer air and you look like an european with those! i have a black pair and in France they are very wearable in summer without make you look like an old lady!

  17. If I'm doing a lot of walking, then I'll be wearing either my Birkenstocks (one of a gazillion pairs) or my trusty black Reef flip flops. Seriously.

    No tennis shoes here...my toes like to be free in the summer. ;)

  18. Hmm. How did I miss you were going to Europe?

    So. Jealous.

    I think WE might go to Missouri. Or Wisconsin.

    Try to contain yourself.

    My favorite lots of walking shoes, would have to be Chacos. They've never let me down!


    I actually have the flip flops & would/could walk all day in them!


    Good Luck! I am off to check out the topsiders!


  19. Oh, and I have some privos (maryjanes) kind of like the last ones. Cute, fun but I would NOT want to wear mine all day. Just a thought!

  20. I bought like 18 pairs of shoes in endless.com to see which ones I'd want for Europe. I ended up sending most back because all of the sport/granola shoes just look so dumb on me. Even my husband was laughing at me in some of them and told me they're not my style. I guess I'm just too much of preppy/beachy girl!

    What I'm taking to Europe
    - Sacony running shoes (older)
    - New white sporty sketchers
    - Trusty black reefs
    - Black mary jane style flats (older)
    - And maybe these gold sandals I bought (pending space!)

    Good luck packing -- you should see our house right now - total chaos!

  21. It would be hard to pass up those $20 LE shoes. Whenever I travel, I always pack my sperry's. They are pretty comfy and don't make me feel like a goof walking around in jeans and running shoes.

  22. I am going to italy for a month and just bought some JAMBU shoes made by jeep...they are amazing! and best of all they don't make me look like an american tourist...try them!


  23. I highly suggest getting a good pair of Chacos for going to Europe! I wore them an entire summer in Europe and they are thick enough to make you feel safe but cute enough to wear with everything!