Sunday, May 23, 2010

hodge podge of a post

Here's what's been going on in our world...

1. We have a serious problem with m&m's in this home, especially the peanut kind. We go through two large bags a week. I think we might need an intervention.

2. Big, scary, state tests are this week. I am preparing myself to be bored out of my mind while I administer these this week. I have lots of confidence in my kiddos, though. They have worked hard all year, and I know they're going to do their best.

3. I ordered a zillion pairs of shoes from Zappos. More on that later this week after I make up my mind and decide which ones to keep.

4. Europe plans are coming together since the trip is just a few weeks away now. It looks like we've pretty much decided on Switzerland, Northern Italy, and Southern France for sure, and probably Austria. I am trying not to feel anxious and to relax, but it's hard to do that when I know that I'll be exploring another continent in a few weeks and I have about a thousand things to accomplish before then. I am still looking for some pants/shorts to take. Advice?

5. J continues to be a super gardener. We have now enjoyed lettuce from the garden, and we have more dill than we know what to do with. Any great recipes that call for dill? Share away.

6. Tonight is the LOST finale. I can't believe it all comes to an end tonight. There are so many crazy thoughts running through my head. With the way things went down on Tuesday's episode, I think that Jack won't end up being the next Jacob. It all just happened too fast and was too "easy." I am really thinking it might be Sawyer. And then there's Desmond...beautiful Desmond. However it all goes down tonight, I think he will be at the center of it. He seems yo b the "key." And then there's Kate. I'm gonna be majorly sad if Hurley, Sawyer, Jack or Desmond die. But Kate? I wouldn't be broke hearted if she was killed.

...sorry to bore all of you non-Losties. I'll stop now.

7. And finally, I need to share three of my favorite blog posts from this week.
Chris & Paige and their crazy dog Joey,
Becca from The Stanley Clan posted about her upcoming summer at camp,
& finally
My dear friend Kara shared this on her tumblr and I laughed until I cried.

And that's about it! Here's hoping this week is a fast one. Just 4 more stand between me and summer vacation.


  1. Best of luck on state tests!! Enjoy the Lost finale, I think I'm going to watch it because I have to know what the island is all about!

  2. Ahhhh LOST!!!!

    My husband is out of town and I can't watch the finale until he is home. I am going to die of anticipation!!

  3. Oh I love the peanut m&ms -- have you tried the pretzel ones? they're amazing - seriously! :-)

    thanks for linking to my post! I'm excited for you getting to go to Europe - Italy and Switzerland were my 2 favorites when we went, so good choices!

  4. Europe is totally on the bucket list, how exciting! Lost, lost me a long time ago, ha, no pun intended!

  5. Hang in there! And we just got back 2 days ago from Europe, and YES Southern France is amazing!!!! Where all are you planning on visiting?

  6. oh my pupils passed national tests last week ! I do know what you mean by being bored and stressed for your children ! good luck and you'll see : europe is a great continent!

  7. We definitely have a m&m problem in our home too. Have you tried the pretzel ones yet? AMAZING!

    So excited for you and your trip!

  8. I am so jealous about your Europe trip and so wish I would have hoped on the Lost bandwagon sooner :)

  9. Did you like LOST? I dreamt about it all last night. And I'm glad Joey brings you entertainment, he's quite the little goofball.

  10. That is too funny. I just killed a bag of peanut m&ms myself last night!

  11. so jealous of your trip!

  12. Make a tuna salad and cut up generous bits of fresh dill to mix throughout. It is the best!

  13. OH SUMMER is almost HERE!!! I am so excited for you & for your trip (and your SHOES, of course!!)

    THESE are "the" shorts!!

    you will love them ;) Good Luck, girl!