Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Europe Footwear Follow Up

Remember last month when I came to you all with my questions and concerns about having comfortable, supportive shoes for our trip to Europe?

Well, I am happy to report back that I have found the perfect shoes and your help was SO, very appreciated!

My good friend over at Newlyweds Next Door was also preparing for a big Europe trip and she mentioned that she ordered a bunch of shoes offline and then mailed back the ones she didn't like. I loved this idea and decided to place a big order with Zappos. Here are the 6 pairs I decided to try, based on recommendations from you all and reviews on their website...

My big box of shoes!

After trying them all on, I had to admit, that I was pretty much pleased with every pair. There were some I loved more than others, but there was nothing I really disliked. I decided right away that I was going to keep the Tevas.

I wanted good pair of sandals that I could walk miles in. These are a great pair! I was tempted to order a pair of Chacos (so many of you recommended these!), but I just liked the look of these. I wore them on our field trip to Jamestown last week, and they definitely made a great pair of walking shoes.

When it came to picking a pair of "flats" (my non sandal), I had a much harder choice. After initially trying them all on I narrowed it down to the Merrel Marina and the Clarks. I can't even begin to tell you how comfortable these shoes were! Both pairs had great arch support and were super comfy.



I kept the shoes for a week, tried them on every day, even took them home to my parents for a weekend to get my mom's opinion. It was a tough decisions people! I really loved the look of the Merrels. They looked like boat shoes, but I found them to be much more comfortable than the Sperrys. I'd highly recommend them. The Clarks were equally comfortable, maybe even more. Can you see the little raised dots in the sole? Those are like little massagers for your feet. Incredible!

In the end I went with the Clarks. I felt like they were a little "snugger" and when I'm doing a lot of walking, this is what I wanted. It killed me to ship back the Merrels (seriously, I loved them!), but I have a feeling I may be ordering them in the future. I just couldn't justify spending all the money at one time.

Also, just a little shout out to Zappos. BEST SHOE BUYING EXPERIENCE EVER! They made the process so easy. The shipping was fast, the return and refund process was simple, and I would buy more shoes from them in a heartbeat. In fact, 3 of my pairs were a half size too big, so I reordered them on a Wednesday and had them by Friday thanks to a free upgrade for my UPS shipping. This made me never want to visit a shoe store again! My only complaint is we didn't have enough room in our living room for all the shoes (J ordered 7 pairs too!). 16 pairs of shoes + boxes in one living room was a bit much, but well worth it to have it all delivered to your front door!


  1. Those are really cute!! I love Zappos. Free shipping? The next day? It's hard to beat that. I just ordered two new pairs of heels for work myself :)

  2. Great shoes!! I love Zappos. They rock!

  3. I've never ordered from Zappos, but now I really want to! I'd just want to order a bunch of shoes and try them all on! :) Very good post!

  4. I am a HUGE Zappos fan - they just have the BEST customer service.

    In fact, I DVR'd "Sunday Morning" this past weekend... a show I would describe as a morning show for grandpas - just because I saw a promo that they were doing a story on Zappos. Turns out that their customer service people will literally do almost anything to help you with your purchase... their longest customer service call was over five hours long. FIVE HOURS!

    Shoe heaven if you ask me...

  5. A big box of shoes is pretty much my idea of heaven! Love your choices! I've never used Zappos but may need to give them a shot...

  6. Those Tevas are so cute! I love Zappos and Piperlime- free shipping is great!

  7. Love the Tevas! They are nothing like the velcro Tevas I wore as a kid, they are so cute! I love Zappos, I always get running shoes from them and it's so easy and affordable.

  8. That’s the way to do it girl and glad you found the right shoes for you. Sooooo cute!!!! :)

  9. Love the shoe choices! Zappos and Endless are both great- always fast and super helpful. I wish I'd tried out more shoes before I went to Europe last time!

  10. So glad you found some perfect shoes for your trip!

    Mr. Smith had his eye on some shoes but he's a terrible shopper, so I just ordered several from Zappos and let him pick at home. He thought it was the best thing in the world... haha. :)

  11. I'm in love with those Merrels! I love that you were able to find really cute shoes that were practical as well. Thanks for sharing!