Friday, July 2, 2010

kitty litter cake

The following blog post has been brought to you by one of my dearest and oldest friends, Tyler.

She doesn't need much of an introduction, just this simple picture of her dancing to Britney Spears at my wedding (ala "Crazy")...

Take it away, Tyler....

Did you know that Rachel has been honing herself to be an expert blogger since she was 10 years old?

That was the first year Rachel was elected as Class Secretary. She never lost an election after 5th grade and spent the next 8 years representing her classmates by taking notes on meetings, making them sound more exciting then they actually are, and practicing writing her teacher handwriting at an early age.

This is way more impressive.

That’s why when Rachel asked me if I would be a Guest Blogger for her while she and J were gallivanting around Europe I was somewhat hesitant to accept. The Rachel that I have been friends with since kindergarten loves terrible youtube videos, makes noises like a dinosaur and once drove a purple car. The classy, articulate, poised woman featured on this blog is a different side of her that I was nervous I would betray!

You see, I am “that girl” – the loud, awkward, clumsy, giggly friend that everyone gives a smile to as they roll their eyes and stifle a laugh. I managed to ruin Rachel’s 16th Birthday surprise party and actually broke my arm two days before her wedding. How do I overlap here?

So instead, I decided to let you all know about a night that truly sums up my relationship with Rachel – The Night of the Kitty Litter Cake.

Rachel’s birthday falls around Thanksgiving Break every year and we were both home in 2005 to celebrate along with another friend whose birthday is the day before. I wanted to make this birthday really special so I decided to make Rachel a special birthday treat.

Rachel and I drove to the party with the treat in the car, hidden out of view. We were excited to see our friends from high school and carpooled with some friends downtown. As we were leaving, we were given this:

It is a 20 year old bottle of wine. It would later be consumed by J and Stephen, our elusive friend from high school. They were brave and it was gross.

When we arrived, we were greeted by our friend Jeanne and her cat, Charlie. Rachel and I spent quite a lot of time before and after this party being fascinated by Charlie. To this day, there is no reason why.

We spent the night being excited about Justin Timberlake, singing loudly to Madonna and trying not to crack up laughing at some of the absurd things our friends like to do. Including yoga. At a party.

Finally, it was time for the unveiling of the Kitty Litter Cake! I was so excited to share the treat with my two good friends. Gosh Tyler, you are so creative! I thought. The reception to the cake, however, has less exciting. Turns out the melted tootsie rolls and green food coloring did not have the same appetizing effect that I intended.

The cake went mostly uneaten (I still maintain it was delicious!) and we celebrated Rachel’s birthday in another memorable way – singing our hearts out into finger microphones and reminiscing about all the other birthdays we have spent together.

Since then, Rachel’s birthday celebrations have been tailored back. There has been no ancient wine consumed and fewer dance parties since then, but I will always look back on that night as a perfect definition of my relationship with Rachel.

I will always be the fool. Rachel will always forgive me for it. And we’ll laugh about it for the rest of our lives.


  1. wow - the kitty litter cake. i am pretty sure *I* am *you* - I am "that" friend :) i think it's a fabulous cake! And speaking of you tube videos - have you seen the Swagger Wagon ones? I could laugh all day...


    Glad y'all have each other!

  2. Haha!! Cute story. Isn't there always at least one fool in each friendship?? LOL!

  3. LOVE! IT!

  4. haha, that is too funny. That cake recipe looks gross! May have to make it for my sister! :)

  5. Such a cute story! I think I'd have to pass on that cake too though...

  6. Sorry, I think it is disgusting. Can't imagine why anyone would want to do such a lower class thing. Why not put your energy into making something attractive.