Sunday, June 20, 2010

my dad

{Photo by Jennifer Colina}

Happy Father's Day AND birthday to an amazing dad is one of my heroes. He is kind and patient, he loves unconditionally, he has silly names for all three of his kids, he tells the corniest jokes, he put up with more than he should have had to from my sister and me in high school (dramatic would be a good word to describe us), he's a great storyteller, and he's the best mandolin player I've ever heard. He is a wonderful man who I admire and love for so many reasons.

Sadly, I am not with him today, but I plan to celebrate with him when I'll see him on Thursday.

I love you, Dad. I hope your big day is a great one!


  1. That wedding picture of you is just stunning! :-) Sweet post my friend!

  2. So sweet!!! Hope your Dad had a great Father’s Day!! :)