Thursday, June 17, 2010

Summer Goals

Let's begin by stating that today is the second to last day of school. Can I get an amen from all my teacher friends? Tomorrow at 12:20 I will be FREE!

One of the best perks of my job is the fact that I have off two beautiful months each summer.

My first year of teaching, I didn't really feel like I had much of a break, as my wedding was right in the middle of my summer. I spent my first half of the summer planning and prepping and the second half adjusting to life as a newlywed and living with my husband and writing bunches of thank you notes to dear friends and family. I also switched school districts and grade levels this summer, so I had to do some extra orientation stuff and attend more meetings than normal.

After my second year of teaching, I spent the summer basically being a big bum. Sure, I did some scrapbooking, watched a lot of movies, tried a lot of new recipes, but there isn't one big "thing" that I accomplished. I spent a lot of time sleeping in and messing up my sleep schedule, and a lot of time watching dumb day time tv (why oh why do I find myself watching The View every single day? I don't even like those women! And most the time it's reruns!).

The other day J mentioned to me that if he had his summers off, he'd have lots of goals to keep from getting bored and lazy. At first I responded by saying that there's no way I'd do that! I want my summers to be lazy and full of relaxing. But I've let this marinate in my head for the past few days, and the more I think about it, the more I think I'd like to have a few small goals for the summer. Little things that I want to accomplish. Does this mean I won't be lazy this summer? Heck no! I'll still find time to go to the beach with a book and plenty of time for Netflix (I want get started on Damages!). No worries there. But accomplishing a few things never hurt anyone...right?

Goal #1: Picture Frames! We have a little hallway in our home that leads from our living room to our bedrooms. Since moving in back in December I've said that I'd like to have a picture wall there. There have been some beautiful ones I've seen on some of my favorite blogs. Here are two I love...

domino via Centsational Girl

pottery barn via Centsational Girl

Goal #2: LEARN TO BETTER USE MY CAMERA! I love my Nikon D40, but I must admit that I do a lot of shooting in automatic. I want to become better with shooting in manual because I know that my photos will become better if I can master this. My new friend Becca from The Stanley Clan is quite the photographer and she has really inspired me. This post of hers is what has really fueled my fire. I ordered the book she recommended, Understanding Exposure, and I hope to study it and practice all summer. Photography is a hobby I love, and I think it'd be fun to even find a way to make money from this hobby one day. Teaching myself how to better use my camera is the first step.

Goal #3: Visit the gym at least three times a week. You'd think that having all the time in the world would make going to the gym easier, but I find myself even lazier in the summer months. I'm hoping by putting this on the blog for the world to see, I will feel a little more motivated to get myself to the gym this summer.

Goal #4: Plant a flower bed beside our driveway. I've been thinking about doing this all spring and just having taken the time to do it. We have a perfect sunny spot that's sort of a big ugly mess right now due to a pile of bricks left by the previous tenants. I'd love to pitch all of the mess and put in flowers. When we get back from Europe and we have a day that's below 90 degrees, I plan to visit our local garden store and get started on this.

So there ya have it. Four goals, all easily achievable in one summer. If you have any experience with any of these areas (home decor, photography, motivating lazy people to get their butt to the gym, and planting a flower garden) I would be delighted to hear your tips!

Cheers to a happy, relaxing, and successful summer!


  1. Girl….wonderful goals that you can no doubt achieve. Enjoy every bit of your summer, you deserve it!! :)

  2. I actually made summer goals last week! Maybe I should post mine too as a way to actually follow through on them!!! Yay for your last day of school, and the start of summer vacation!

  3. I love goal setting. Without them I'm a total bum too!

    I LOVE the pic frame idea. Can I recommend Costco and/or Michaels for getting a bunch of frames that go well together. I love Michaels because you can pick your own mats -- I think different mats make pictures really pop. Have fun and I can't wait to see what you come up with!

  4. Ok, first of all, DAMAGES is so good! You will love it!!

    Second, the photo wall is amazing! I can't wait to have a giant wall where I can do something like that.

  5. I think those are great attainable summer goals. :)

  6. Almost can do it! I have a Nikon D40 and love it, but I too need to learn how to better use it!

  7. Those are GREAT goals!

  8. Amen, Amen, Amen!! I too struggle with balancing productivity and relaxation in the summer. We obviously deserve to relax but it all too easy to start watching The View and find yourself still on the couch when Oprah starts.

    Good luck, all of your goals seem obtainable and kinda fun too!

  9. You could recycle those bricks into a planter box...just sayin'. ;) If you need help, advice or someone to haul it off, I know of a pretty handy bricklayer. ;)

    I love your list of goals for the summer. I need to make a list like that. What kinds of plants are you thinking about for the flower bed??

    If you head to the beach any, let me know...I'm going from full-time to part-time starting on Monday (I think). Long story...

  10. As for mindless television...when I'm home during the day I find myself watching 90210 reruns on the Soap Opera network. Sometimes, having cable does NOT have it's perks. LOL

  11. I love the idea and look of all those frames!

  12. I have a picture wall in the hall going from our living room to the bedrooms and I love it! I swear it even makes the hall seem longer.. Now I need to do a wall in the living room. Maybe I should set that as one of my goals..