Friday, July 23, 2010


If you are like me, you take hundreds of photos, download lots of songs from iTunes, and you have many a documents saved on your hard drive that have value to you.

Hopefully, you are smarter than me, and you've done this before now, but just now, TODAY, I finally backed up my files. ALL OF THEM. I've read so many horror stories on blogs of people who have lost everything because they didn't have things backed up. And for months (okay...more like years) I've been saying I need to do it. I can now happily report that everything is saved thanks to Mozy.

I first read about Mozy about a year ago on Ali Edwards' blog. I remember reading it and thinking, Boy I should sign up for that. And here I am a year later finally doing it and counting my lucky stars that my hard drive didn't crash in the last 12 months.

Mozy cost $4.95 a month and you get unlimited back up and it's all done over the internet. No external hard drives, no thumb's all on the web. Can't beat that.

So this is me, telling you if you haven't already done it and you put it off over and over like me, find a way to back up your files! You don't want to lose your favorite photos or all those 99 cent tunes you've paid for on iTunes.

*Mozy did not pay me a cent or compensate me in anyway to write this. I just care about my readers and hate to see people lose everything on their computers!!*


  1. We use an external hard-drive, cause take a TON of pics, etc. :-)

    Smart girl, good job!!!

  2. Oh Lordy be, I have NOT backed up anything!!!!! Thank you for sharing.

  3. Thanks for the PSA, we have an aging computer and although it still works fine, it's at the point in its life where things could go south at any moment! I definitely need to do this!

  4. We have an external hard drive and have never experienced the "death" of a computer yet {hold on, I'm knocking on some wood...knock, knock}. BUT, I have seen the commercials for Mozy and thought the same thing, too, "Gee, I should really check that out because it makes sense to use."

    Guess what I'll do when we get home? Yep, check out Mozy.

    Thanks, girl!

  5. Is it a flat fee or a monthly/weekly/hourly kind of thing?

  6. We have an external hard drive and I'm still horrible about backing up my stuff. I get scared at least one a month that I've lost everything. Thankfully the hubs is a bit better at backing things up than I am.

  7. After losing my entire hard drive my first year of law school (thank god I backed everything up onto CDs at the time!), I bought an external hard drive and just back up weekly! I can't imagine not!

  8. Well, only learned about mozy a little too late :(

    with that said, I am thankful you did not!