Monday, August 16, 2010

CeeCee Wilkes: Chapters 1-10

Today is the first "official" day of our book club over at Book Beginnings and Bookends!

Erin and I have a set of questions over there that you can respond to, and we've set up a Linky so you can respond to the first ten chapters on your own blog. I can't wait to visit your blogs to see what you've thought of the book so far!

We asked some questions on the blog this morning and I responded over on the blog. you can read my answers here.

As I have read through this first chunk of chapters, I have quickly decided that Erin and I have chosen a great book. I knew very little about this book when we chose it, and now I am so glad that we did. I have been quickly drawn in to this story. I really wanted to keep reading, but I have forced myself to stop so I can write this post without knowing what happens next.

Here are some of my main thoughts after finishing this first group of chapters...
  • The character CeeCee is endearing. I love the way Tim adores her. I think she’s a likable girl. And she truly speaks and thinks like a sixteen year old. Diane Chamberlain has created a main character in these first few chapters who has depth, a broken background,, and although she seems timid and afraid to go through with Tim and Marty’s plan, she is courageous and will rise above her fears. I like that about her. I think we’ll get to see a big change in her over the course of this book.
  • I found it interesting that Chamberlain began the book today (the present) with Corinne. It wrapped me in quickly and after that first chapter I knew the book had a lot of space to grow into.
  • I thought it was funny what an organized neat freak CeeCee is. I would not be cleaning someone’s home the way she was after just knowing him for a matter of weeks. But maybe that’s because I have issues being in other people’s messy homes?
  • I hope we see more of Naomi. When we learned a little about her background in chapter nine, I was itching to know more. What did she and Forrest do that put them in hiding? I hope we learn more about them.
  • Was anyone else slightly bothered by CeeCee being sixteen and Tim being twenty-two? She seems much too young to be involved in this sort of thing with him. Do I doubt that he loves her? No. He seems like a great guy. I just think that they are in two different worlds. But as I type this, I am beginning to think that she has more in common with Tim than she has with a sixteen year old boy due to her background. Either way, I do think their age difference adds an interesting element to the story.
Can't wait to hear what you guys have thought so far!


  1. Oh, wow... loved your thoughts on this. It's amazing when you see someone bring something up that you never thought of!!!

  2. Thanks for starting the book club and for choosing such a good book! I finished the book today and it is really good. Sooo hard to put down!

  3. I'm really enjoying this book! You ladies picked a great one. It was so hard for me to stop @ Chapter 10, but I was determined to do so. Loved reading your thoughts on it!

  4. Yes, their age gap is kind of creepy! I cannot put it down, I read on to chapter 11 and the plot thickens so much. I'm looking forward to picking it up later and reading more. I love this, great choice for our first bookclub read!

  5. I agree about Naomi, and am dying to know what they did to cause them to go underground.

  6. When I was reading the first ten chapters, I didn't really picture CeeCee as being strong--I imagined her as gullible! I am really glad you pointed out her strength--even though I don't agree with what she's doing, it is a tough thing to do! Thanks for the perspective!

  7. First off, thanks for hosting this book club along with Blue Eyed Bride! I agree this is a really great book! I also found it interesting that the book opened with the present, and always love when you have a glimpse into what's to come. I can't wait to keep reading and hearing everyone's comments.