Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Mountain Climbers & Raspberry Sauce

On Saturday of our Westport vacation, J and I decided to go for a hike. This took some convincing on his part after last year's hike. Last summer we hiked Giant Mountain in the Adirondacks and it kicked our butts. We did make it to the top and back down, but just barely. I was on the ground crying. He was puking. It was all around a horrible situation.

So this year when he suggested a hike, I was hesitant. But, like always, his charm won me over and I was off to another mountain. This year we hiked Coon, a much smaller and kinder mountain than Giant. I am pleased to report that there was no puking and no crying. I'd call that a success.

Oh, and Layla came too! Living at the beach, poor Layla has never climbed anything bigger than a small hill (and I mean small!). So a mountain climb was new for her, but she was a champ. Naturally!

Here's our view before reaching the top...

And another view from the top. I love that we could see the lake from here!

And proof that we were really here! (Oh, and also check out my awesome FNL tshirt my mom got me at the NBC store in NYC!)

We took a break, ate some chocolate chip cookies, and admired the view...

And then before we knew it, we were back at the car. A quick, easy hike. Just the way I like 'em!

I made J promise to stop by the marina in town on our way home so I could get my favorite snack, mozzarella sticks! Their mozz sticks are pretty average, but the sauce is really what I go for! Instead of a marinara sauce, they come with a raspberry sauce, sort of like a watery raspberry jam. Amazing. And they make the perfect snack after a hike!

And then, because I like you all, here's one of hot, sweaty, gross, mountain hiking Rachel indulging in her delicious snack.


  1. Beautiful...glad this hike was a little easier on you than the last! And I love that your pup was able to go with you! Bogey would love that!

  2. love that last pic :) and those moz sticks + sauce look AMAZING!

  3. So now I don't want to eat leftover pasta salad for lunch...I want those mozzarella sticks!

  4. YAY for hiking! Although I know all about the butt-kicking ones... Fort-to-Sea, Astoria, Oregon: You are my nemesis!

  5. So fun and GORGEOUS view!!! And yummy snack!!!! Can’t beat that :)

  6. Sounds like an awesome snack!

  7. Those mozzarella sticks with raspberry sauce sound amazing!!! YUM!

  8. The mountain top photos look so great!!

  9. beautiful pics! I would have been nervous about another hike there too! so glad it was a much better experience this time! Mozz sticks with raspberry sauce?? ;) I've never heard of this before :)

  10. Small and percetly formed hikes are the way forward!