Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Teacher Week: Classroom Must Haves

Today is day 2 in Babbling Abby's Teacher Week! Today's theme is Classroom Must Haves. There are some items in my classroom that I know I couldn't live without. They are absolute necessities!


These little guys are incredible. If you laminate anything and write on it with Sharpies, these bad boys will erase it. This means my jobs poster from last year where I wrote students name with a Sharpie is able to be used again this year because M.E. clean it for me. AMAZING. And I usually buy the Target brand. Way cheaper and work just as well.

And on that note...SHAPRIES!

What teacher can live without these? I have a big cup full that I keep on my desk that the kids and I both use. It's always on my donation list at the beginning of each school year and I love when a student comes in with the full Sharpie pack in every color of the rainbow.

Ziplock Bags
Is an explanation really needed? I'd go crazy without these. They are absolutely necessary to the success of any elementary teacher.


At our school we have a program called brag tags. On Friday the kids wear their brag tags. These necklaces which are basically a metal ball chain, and they earn beads through out the week to wear on them. Teachers can give their own beads for whatever, and specialists give out special beads (ie, Music teacher gives a music note bead, Art teacher gives out an art pallete bead). They also earn them when they make honor roll. These little suckers cost me nothing at Michael's, but help me so much with classroom management. Such an an easy way to encourage great behavior.

Cupcake and Crystal Light Containers
Or really any small plastic container with a lid. I keep all sorts of stuff in these. Math manipulatives, colored pencils,tickets, ANYTHING! I love these little things. My mom saves them for me too. I see it as something you just can't have enough of.

My ELMO (or document cam, or Ladybug, or whatever you call it at your school!)

Goodbye overhead projectors and hello beautiful piece of technology. I don't know how I survived my first 2 and a half years of teaching without this little guy. Such a useful and helpful tool. I love that I know longer have to make overhead transparency copies.


This guy puts just about everything up on my walls in my room. 2 of my 4 walls are cinder block and nothing sticks on them. Putty, tape (of any kind), sticky gum...none of it works. But a few dabs of hot glue will hold anything on those walls. And even better, when it's time to take it off the wall, it comes right down and leaves the walls looking untouched. I love my trusty glue gun!


  1. Who would have thought about using a glue gun for hanging stuff up on a block wall?! That is nifty.

    I'm really loving this whole Teacher Week thing. It's getting me soooo excited about going back to school to become a teacher. :)

  2. Love the glue gun tip! I have 2 walls I can't use staples. This will be a life saver.

    I don't go back for another few weeks and I have my classroom half done.

  3. Thanks for the tips...love the brag tag idea. Great classroom management idea!

  4. Luckily I haven't had any problems with sticking most things to my walls with tacky putty, but I agree with the glue gun! I used it for everything in my college dorm!!

  5. Looks like things are coming together in your classroom ;) Can't wait to see it this year! Hmm - good tip on the Sharpies - so to get brownie points - take in some rainbow colored Sharpies - check.

    I've got THREE in school this year - that's a lot of Sharpies! ;)

  6. I'm going to teach middle/high school but I still love some of these ideas. Thanks for sharing with us!

  7. I'm not a teacher, but I still love seeing these pics -- it's like a "behind the scenes" picture of teaching.

    I LOVE magic erasers for our home. I have a tendency to scuff up our walls.

  8. I love your brag tags idea, and your Crystal Light containers for storage!!!

    What brand/model of ELMO do you have? I'm going to use my fall fundraiser money to get one, but all of the other teacher have a super expensive $750 one. I'm curious if the less expensive brands and models work just as well?

  9. Thanks for the reminder that I need to pick up some more glue sticks for my glue gun. If I use tape on my walls, it falls immediately! Glue gun is key!!

  10. I forgot Sharpies and my document projector/ELMO. So useful! Great list :)

  11. I hope that I get to have an ELMO or Smart Board in my classroom! I need to start collecting those Sharpies I guess. I had no idea that ME got rid of Sharpies...that is good to know! Thanks for sharing!

  12. Good to know that the magic erasers take off sharpie! I have a few things in my room that are a mess and I'm definitely going to try that one!

    I also love my glue gun for sticking things to the walls!

  13. What a great post! I would love to know more about your "Brag Beads" and how your school incorporates that behavior program. :) Lana

  14. Learning so much from you!

    1. Had no idea you could erase sharpie with a magic eraser from laminated stuff. Sweet!

    2. Want to know more about brag tags!!!! Such a great idea!!!

    3. I love my Elmo too!!!! We just got them this past year and they are amazing!

  15. I love the Magic Eraser and Crystal Light container ideas...I'm going to have to copy those this year.

    The glue gun has been my lifesaver through all my classroom moves. Things stick so much better than with the brown tape or blue putty. Love it!!

  16. I love how you recycle your Crystal Light and icing containers. Such a great idea!!

  17. I had no idea that glue guns held stuff on cinder blocks. I'm not even a teacher and that's amazing! (But my work back office has cinder blocks and I totally plan on using this!)

  18. Christine T. W.8/10/10, 7:31 PM

    So glad I read your blog before I headed to school this morning. I used a glue gun to put posters up and it worked! Plus, it didn't ruin the wall. Thanks!

    I <3 magic erasers too.

    My tip to you--and other teachers-- is to use dollar store plastic tablecloths as backing on bulletin boards. It's much easier to handle than paper and you can have fun colors and patterns for $1!

  19. I am totally stealing the magic eraser and glue gun idea for sure! Great ideas!

  20. I heart Magic Erasers too- they get off anything and everything! I always use velcro to put my nametags on my desks and they are a lifesaver at the end of the year when I have to get them off. Thanks for helping me find the teacher week- I'm having fun with it!

  21. Ahh....wish I had an ELMO! And I also am going to put magic erasers on my list for this fall...great idea!

  22. I had no idea about the Magic Eraser. How cool! I always use finger nail polish remover. Thanks for the tip