Sunday, September 12, 2010

Bleeding Purple and Gold this weekend

In case you haven't heard...

My Alma Mater, James Madison University...

Beat the Virginia Tech Hokies on Saturday in a giant football upset.

It was pretty momentous.

If you're not a Virginian, this might not mean much to you.

But if you are a Virginian, you'll know as well as I do that Tech fans tend to think they're the best and don't have much time for schools like JMU when it comes to football.

But on Saturday, the JMU Dukes, showed them that they were a team worth showing some respect.

We beat those Hokies, 21-16, at their own stadium.

I have never been so proud to be a Duke Dog!

We won the National Championship Title for the FCS my Junior year of college, and while that was amazing, this victory might feel a little bit sweeter.


I can't wait to proudly wear my purple and gold to school tomorrow!

(All but the second the photo were taken from and the JMU Dukes facebook page. I did not take these photos, I am just a devoted and happy fan and want to spread the JMU love!)


  1. gooooo duuukkkes! love your post! i'm still smiling from the win! :)

  2. My bro-in-law works in sports at JMU and was at the game! He said it was awesome.

  3. I heard about the giant upset! But I didn't know that you're a James Madison Alum! Congrats! That is so awesome!

  4. Madison, James Madison, we'll be forever true, our loyalty will ALWAYS be to J M U !!

    ahhh i've been reading your blog for a while now and did not know you were an alum!!
    I just graduated in may :)
    yesterday was THE best day ever...ahhh i'm still on cloud nine.
    look how cute mickey matthews him.

    J-M-U duuuuuuuuuukes !!!

  5. Congratulations! I am only a fairly recent Virginia resident but from what I gather from my in-laws and husband's friends, this was a huge deal!!

  6. I couldn't believe it when I heard the news! So exciting!! Go Dukes!!!!!

  7. Love a college football upset! My alma mater may not have pulled out a win (against Alabama), but seeing Nick's alma mater win was the next best thing!

  8. YAY!!! So exciting!!!! :)

  9. This UVA girl is living vicariously through you and could not be happier for your Dukes! It gets very old how every other VA college sports team has to live in the shadow of Tech. Not anymore :)

  10. So I'm not from VA but I think it's pretty awesome you guys took down Virginia Tech! Hope you lived it up all weekend!

  11. Woohooo! That's awesome!! Congrats to them!

  12. I love that you took a photo of the paper!! :) Congrats on the upset!!