Thursday, September 23, 2010


I talk all the time on here about things I love and cannot live without. Things I want terribly. Things that put a big smile on my face.

We're going to look at things from a different angle today. I want to share some of my dislikes.

The first two are my least favorite things in the world. The rest come in no particular order.

  • Mushrooms. UGHHH! If you read my Menu Monday posts, you may have noticed I never cook with them. If they're ever in a recipe I choose, I omit them. I absolutely positively hate them. There are a lot of foods I dislike, but this is the only one that I will not eat. Once, we went to a dinner party at a friend's house. She told me ahead of time she was making lasagna. I was excited! I love lasagna! UNTIL I FOUND OUT IT WAS MUSHROOM LASAGNA! I was so embarrassed with my plate at the end of the meal. I had hardly touched the dish. If a dish even has cream of mushroom soup, I can't eat it. Not possible.
  • Worms. GAAAAAAAG.
  • Education Jargon
  • white wine
  • Watermelon...I want to like it, I really do. Every summer I try it again in hopes that this will be the summer I fall in love with watermelon. Still hasn't happened.
  • American Cheese. Another GAAAAG! In elementary school I used to tell kids I was allergic to it and I couldn't sit by them when they had it on their sandwich.
  • Writing sub plans...aka stabbing myself in the eyeballs
  • People who don't use turn signals
  • When people eat ketchup on spaghetti or pizza
  • Twilight (but I do love Alex Reads Twilight....LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!)
  • Not getting a pay raise for 2 years in a row, yet having extra items added to my plate. Silly budget cuts. I know my teacher friends can relate
  • People who chew with their mouth open....MY FRESHMEN YEAR ROOMMATE who used to bring lunch back to the room all the time. In hell, I imagine that everyone chews with their mouth open.
  • Lyla Garrity on Friday Night Lights
My list could go on and on, but I won't be that much of a downer. Sorry for the all the writing in cap locks, but I really needed you to see my anger. I hope it got my point across.

For those of you who like a happy ending, I'll end on this positive note: I love that tonight I ate risotto, drank red wine, and had a bowl of ice cream.


  1. I love mushrooms. Love them.

    But I agree on the watermelon. And living in the South, it's practically a requirement to like watermelon. And I just can't do it.

    I like white wine.

    I want to hunt people down who don't use turn signals. Pet peeve big time.

    We can still hang out. I'll bring you red wine and you can bring me some white. Or wait. We can just drink beers. I prefer that anyway!

  2. We have lots of similar dislikes! There are very few foods I hate... MUSHROOMS ARE ONE OF THEM! Which embarrasses me... b/c I like to (perhaps wrongly) think I'm some sort of foodie and foodies should probably like mushrooms... but I do not. AT ALL. I recently learned to like shrimp... and I continue to try mushrooms but it is NOT HAPPENING!

    I also hate melon. Of all kinds. Water, honeydew, cantaloupe. I judge a fruit salad by the concentration of melon.

    American Cheese is NOT cheese. And the American Cheese commercials? KILL ME AND TAKE AWAY MY CITIZENSHIP NOW!

    I do like white wine.

    Ketchup on anything but French fries is disgusting. Ketchup on eggs? GAG.

  3. Loooved this post! It's so interesting to hear what people love and dislike! I'm with you on the mushrooms but I do love some white wine (well, all wine really!!!) :)

    Hope you're getting back in the swing of things - Trey us dying to meet you!! xoxo

  4. You dislike Lyla so much she had to be addes to this list?? Really?? Silly girl.

    When you were a toddler you ate at least 2 slices of American cheese a day. Maybe that's why you hate it now.

    As for the mushrooms and white wine....are we really realted???

  5. I also want to like watermelon but don't. I try it every summer in hopes that my taste buds have changed!

    As a sub, I know it is hard to get plans written but I am so grateful when a teacher has them for me. It makes the day so much easier :)

  6. Barf on the mushrooms. Totally agree.

    However, I must disagree about white wine, watermelon, & Twilight. Those are all awesome. I'm just saying.

  7. You just made my day. I can't stand watermelon either (really I don't like any fruits in the melon category). I feel like everyone loves watermelon and that's what summer is all about, but it just makes me cringe.

    And I also can't stand when people chew with their mouth open. I had a roommate my junior year (she was my little in my sorority) that chewed with her mouth open all the time. She made all kinds of smacking noises and she would talk while she had food in her mouth. I wanted to gag constantly.

  8. Who eats ketchup on spaghetti or pizza? Well, unless you are TWO YEARS OLD.

    PS. The word I had to type in to leave this post is "hater" which I find ironically appropriate.

  9. I really love the taste of watermelon, but I just can't stand the texture..bleh. Maybe sometime in the future they'll make a new breed of watermelon!

  10. Love mushrooms but HATE watermelon!! And I try to like it so hard....just can't do it!!

  11. Love mushrooms, but I'm just not excited about watermelon either! I love the smell, but something about it is just too weird for me! Hate it!

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  13. I like pretty much everything, but I draw the line at mushrooms, ick!

    I am just starting to learn educational jargon...I could see why one might dislike it!

    Also, Lyla Garrity bugs me to no end, but I would put up with her if it meant Friday Night Lights was back on for the new season. I miss that show!

  14. Sub plans = the devil. I'll be staying after school to write mine for Monday because I have some doctor's appointments. It really is harder to be out than to just come to school!

  15. I hate mushrooms too! Ewww.

  16. I'd rather go to school sick than make sub plans...not that that helps anyone.

    I also dislike worms and had the weirdest dream about hubs and his friend throwing worms at me last night. It was not cool. I was screaming!

  17. I'm finally compelled to comment after reading for months!

    Fortunately at our school, we can write our sub plans online the night before and send them in an email to our sub who will cover our class the next day. Still a pain, but a little less than it used to be!

    And LYLA GARRITY? She is so pretty, though! I really like her!

    And mushrooms are delicious--especially the fancy stuffed ones!

    I'm with you on just about everything else. :)

  18. I absolutely hate watermelon... and actually ALL kinds of melon!! YUCK!

  19. BAH haha! I hate people that chew LOUDLY. DH is very hardcore about being a closed-mouth chewer, but his jaw like....sticks or something and it makes a noise every single time it goes up and down. I make him turn on music before coming to the dinner table because I cannot just sit there and listen to it.

    Also - Agreed on the sub plans. Mine are usually 3-4 pages single spaced. Sigh..

  20. Ha, loved this!! I am with you, I cannot stand American Cheese, totally unamerican, right?? HA!

  21. I'm with you on the mushrooms-yuck! They're slimy and gross and it irriates me that they're in PF Changs lettuce wraps because I love those. Well I did, until I got a big chunk of slimy, chewy mushroom. Ugh, I'm having to fight the urge to gag right now. Moving on...

    You don't like Twilight?!!?!? Sad face :(

    I don't like watermelon either, but I like watermelon flavored candy. I think it's the stringy texture of the fruit or something...