Wednesday, September 22, 2010


Over the weekend I attempted to put some clothes on ebay that just don't fit any more or I haven't worn in years.

In the picture taking process someone wanted to assist. I won't name any names, but I'll give you this photographic evidence of her help. You might be able to figure out who I'm referring to...

She really wanted to help.

I sincerely appreciated it.


  1. :) Our dog always does that when I'm trying to take pictures for Ebay too! It takes skill to position the clothing, shove him out of the way and quickly take the picture- that is for sure!

  2. Ha! Funny we listed tons of old clothes on Ebay over the weekend too. Like, 9 lots of several items per lot. I can't wait for them to sell and be out of my hair! I had to laugh because we had to strategically make the dogs sit and stay somewhere so they didn't get in the pics too:-)

  3. So cute! In college, my cat would help me study... by sitting smack dab on top of whatever I was trying to read. Such sweet little helpers :-)