Monday, September 27, 2010

Menu Monday & Pumpkin Cookies!

Another week of meals, plus I have a fabulous cookie recipe down below! We're out of town all next weekend for a wedding, so just 4 meals is all we need this week. None are new, these are all tried and true favorites!

My Meals:
J's Meals:

This week I was in charge of bringing snacks to community group at church. I knew right away what I wanted to make. I had seen this recipe on foodgawker a few weeks ago and saved it. I was happy to have a reason to make these...Pumpkin Oatmeal Cookies!

Now, I'll admit I was nervous because there's been a lot of talk on many food blogs about how there is a major pumpkin shortage this year. With that being said, when I went to the grocery store to buy the ingredients I needed for these cookies, I also brought along a list of back up ingredients for a different kind of cookie just in case there was no pumpkin in stock. Turns out I didn't need to do that. There was plenty of pumpkin...well until I got my hands on it! I left behind 2 cans on the shelf. I wanted to stock up! We have so many fall recipes that call for pumpkin, and I wanted to make sure we'd have enough. Does this look like enough?

Yeah....we're pretty well stocked in the pumpkin department!

Anywho...back to the cookies, these little guys were a piece of cake and so delicious. A big hit among the adults and kids at community group. I think they'd be delicious if I threw some walnuts in, but we have a family in the community group that has a child with severe nut allergies. Couldn't add them in this time!

Look at all that delicious pumpkin, just waiting to be transformed into cookies...


I like to add some extra chocolate chips and craisins (I used dried cranberries instead of dried cherries) to the top of each cookie, your finished product looks nicer if you do this.

And the finished product...and again, I must remind you that they are so perfect and wonderful for fall!


  1. Mmm.. those cookies look delish! I will have to give them a try.

    P.S. maybe you've explained this before but is there a specific reason why you and J eat separate meals? Just curious!

  2. Those cookies look delicious, I may have to steal that recipe and give it a try!


  3. I want Pumpkin

    Also, just did the same thing at my grocery store. I left two cans, just in case someone else needed some. [Even though I clearly needed it all.]

  4. oh my goodness, I can't believe I've never made PW's cajun chicken before! we love Chipotle's burrito bowls, and those cookies, definitely bookmarking those too! :) mmmm, thanks! I need to go make sure to get some pumpkin before it's gone!

  5. I love pumpkin! I will have to try those cookies and the chili!!

  6. Ok, I hadn't heard about the pumpkin shortage, but that certainly explains why I haven't been able to get it at any of my stores!

    I may need you to send me a few cans so I can make some more pumpkin bread. I'll send you some bread! LOL

  7. I need to stock up on pumpkin, too! I couldn't find any a few weeks ago. Good to know it's out now!

  8. Oh, yum!!! I wish I was going to that community group...I guess I'll just have to make my own!

  9. PW's cajun chicken pasta looks DELISH and my hubby is obsessed with Chipotle's burrito bowls so I should surprise him with those one night! Thanks for the great recipe ideas!

  10. my goal this fall is to attempt to like pumpkin flavor better.

    those cookies look awesome.

  11. Those burrito bowls sound amazing!!

  12. The cookies are amazing! I made some this morning and they are perfect for fall. The flavor is wonderful. Thanks for sharing the recipe!

  13. yum those cookies look delish!

  14. I've already bookmarked the cookies, and the chili is on my list now, too. Yum!