Wednesday, September 8, 2010

My poor husband...

Things J cannot stand about me...

I don't like REAL maple syrup.

I say something that only kind of makes sense, and then he looks at me funny, corrects what I said and I then say "You knew what I meant"...drives him crazy

If someone call and leaves me a voice mail and I talk to them before I check it, I tend to not check the message they left. It just sits on the phone on the main screen.

I complain about picking a new cd on car trips.

My tendency to freak out in a stressful situation (I must admit, I've gotta better at this over the years).

When I turn the temperature below 72 degrees in my car. This one REALLY irritates him. He claims anything below 72 doesn't make a difference.

I call Layla ridiculously absurd names*.

I like trashy reality tv. In my defense, we don't have cable, so I really only watch it at the gym.

I can crack my ankle on demand. I tend to do this at night before I fall asleep.

After reading back through this list, it sounds like I have so major issues. What a weirdo.
Despite all of these things, he still loves me.
What a guy. I am a lucky girl!

*Gorilla Nose, Dorito, Google, Monkey Butt...just to name a few


  1. HAHA!!! I do the same thing when someone calls and leaves a voicemail, I'll just call them back without listening!!

  2. Um... if these are dealbreakers? I'm a serious dealbreaker.

    Ditto on the maple syrup.

    And the "you know what I mean."

    I got an iPod that hooks into my car to combat the CD thing. But now I complain about the iPod.

    I always freak and cry when stressed. I just call it a stress reaction.

    I crack my ankle and LOVE trash tv. And my car is ALWAYS on 64 degrees, except in winter.

    Does he have a twin brother?

  3. Haha!! Great idea for a post. I'll have to do the same sometime. My list may even be longer than yours. Let's just say my hubby has a lot of pet peeves and I happen to have a lot of strange habits. :)'s a beautiful thing.

  4. aww!! that means he is a good man!

  5. I do the voicemail thing all the time! And I'm full of weird nicknames for the animals and people in my life. I think you're totally normal!

  6. I don't check msgs either! Such a flaw...and people are always saying, "Did you listen to my msg?" UH, NOOOO!!! Ha ha ha :) It's a teacher thing - we're too stinkin' busy!

  7. Oh no, I love maple syrup!! But I understand about the husband correcting you but knowing what you meant. Mine says I always mix my metaphors. Whatever, he understands what I mean like you said :)

  8. I think you are laugh-out-loud-normal!! And so funny! And cute (even without lacy leggings.....we'll have to manage :))

    I never listen to messages either if I already talked to the person - that's like 1-2 minutes of my life I'll never get back - & I already know what they wanted :)

    And the pet name thing?? That's gonna extend to your kids someday. oh yes, it is. When the pediatrician tried to get my one year old son to respond to his name (to check off a milestone) - I had to admit he might not know his "real" name - but he might respond to "Chunky Monkey"...


    Happy First Day of school by the way - love your heading out the door picture!

  9. i think absurd pup nicknames are hilarious! he's just jealous he's not creative enough to come up with calling layla "dorito". obvs.

  10. I love Classy Fab Sarah's comment. She cracks me up.

    I call Nuts the weirdest things--the latest is Sugar Pie, Honey Bunches of Oats. I'm crazy.

  11. Lovin the "you know what I mean"--I definitely do that all the time! And I feel your husband's pain with the dog names--my hubby does that with Bogey and it drives me crazy!

  12. Hilarious!

    I don't like real maple syrup either! I like the aunt jemima type stuff -- HEALTHY! :)

    I can pop my wrists just by twisting them around. I give my husband the chills!

    I call the cat funny all the time. My husband doesn't like when I call the cat "baby" (b/c apparently he's not a baby) and he doesn't like when I ask the cat questions like "what did you today, kitten? Did you miss me?!" When I do that my husband looks at me like I am an idiot.

  13. Awww those little quirks are what make you, you! He is a good man but I'm sure he has a few quirks of his own that you tolerate too! ;-)

  14. I have tried to like real maple syurp and I just can't. I can't...I need the fake stuff!

  15. I can definitely relate to a few of those..I do not like any syrup unless it's sugar free (and I bring my own places if I know we're eating pancakes--i know that is crazy). I never check voice mails, I just delete them. I love trashy tv, and we do have cable, so that makes it worse. I call Oliver crazy names that have nothing to do with him...Henry, Stink, Chipmonk, The Beav. Our poor husbands! haha

  16. Oh gosh, I don't even know how my husband can stand me. I do a lot of the same things, plus about 84,00 other weirder things, haha!

  17. I think we all have little quirks like this! I pretty much call my dogs whatever word happens to pop into my head at the time, which often doesn't make much sense at all!