Thursday, September 16, 2010

Teaching - Year 4 Thoughts

I'm almost 2 weeks into my fourth year of teaching. Here's what I'm thinking and feeling right about now:
  • I sat in a useless in service all day while my kids had a sub.
  • Today I left my house at 8 AM and came home at 9PM.
  • I nervously talked to a classroom full of parents tonight at open house.
  • I've thought a lot about how much I love my class and how lucky I am this year. I looped from 4th to 5th with my kids this year and I feel so spoiled (looping = they moved from 4th to 5th with me). We fell right back into our old routine and they make me so happy. Are they perfect kids, no way. But I get them and we have good relationships and work well together. For the first time in my teaching career, I actually kind of feel like I "get it." I know, I know, I've probably jinxed my self now but saying it, but it just seems like this is the first year where I'm actually feeling like I kind of know what's going on and I'm not constantly worrying about whether or not they're learning or if I'm a big screw up. Is this what people call confidence in your own abilities?
  • I still want to go to bed at 8 PM most nights.
  • Layla is the BEST thing to come home to in the evenings. We typically spend about 30 minutes just cuddling when I get home after a day at work. J is great, but he's no Layla.


  1. I'm glad you're having a great year so far! I have a lot of repeat kids too, it really makes life much easier, as long as they aren't the behavior problem kids lol.

    It took me till my 4th year of teaching to really feel like I was getting it and like I kind of knew what I was doing.

  2. so glad you're having a great year! i looped once-6th to 7th grade and it was one of my best teaching years bc we already knew each other and got down to business!

    and i totally agree with you about inservice! i had one myself this week and B.O.R.I.N.G!!! :)

    have a fab weekend!

  3. Bahaha! I used to say the same about my dog Lacy. I swear sometimes I was more excited to see her in the evening than the hubs. And I realize that makes me sound like a really terrible person but whatever.

  4. That's pretty cool that you have the same students as last year!

  5. Sounds like you are in a good place with work and that’s wonderful!!!! I can just tell you are just a GREAT teacher!!! :)

  6. So good to hear you're enjoying your kids! I'm sure that goes a LONG way toward job satisfaction. Those 13 hour days? Not so much. Hope that doesn't happen to you often.

    Oh and puppy cuddles really do seem to make everything right in the world!

    Enjoy your weekend! xoxo

  7. I nervously talked to a room full of parents last night, too! Oh and I also really like my kids this year - Hooray! :)

  8. I Guess teaching here or in USA is the same : totally recognize myself in your descriptions ( talking to a parents assembly is my biggest fear lol) - I' m so tired with the first weeks of school : horrible

  9. So glad you are off to a good year! I totally agree with you about coming home to your pup. Sometimes after a hard day at work it's just relaxing to come home and cuddle with your pet.

  10. Christine W.9/19/10, 2:04 PM

    It's my fourth year too and I totally hear what you're sayings about feeling like you "get it." Can you imagine year 15?! :)

  11. So cute! Glad to hear school is going well. I finally feel like I'm hitting my "groove" at work too.

    Love the part of snuggling with Layla -- I feel the same about Judah. :)