Sunday, October 17, 2010

Weekend Update

For those of you reading my blog who aren't Virginians, let's start by saying, you're missing out. I must admit, Virginia does seasons really well. We have the nicest springs and autumns! This weekend was all around gorgeous and I am glad I got to enjoy it with my husband.

On Saturday we did the following...
  • Did some thrifting and found a few things (Lately, I have been so inspired by Babbling Abby's What I Wore Wednesday posts)
  • Browsed cell phones at Verizon (Cannot wait for my new phone next month, I get to join the rest of my generation in owning a smart phone)
  • Furminated the ol' Layla's amazing how much I brush off of her. Our yard looks like we skinned a family of squirrels in it.
  • Made this meal, as I mentioned last week on Menu Monday. HOLY MOLY FOLKS. This was one incredible dinner. I had high expectations and it surpassed them.
  • Watched Date Night. A little silly at times, but my love for Tina Fey runs deep.
And then today, we celebrated the gorgeous weather by spending the afternoon with friends at the Virginia Wine Festival downtown.

Good wine was enjoyed by all, and the people watching at a wine festival proves to be a fun event as well. I've never seen such odd shirts on fully grown women...

"Wine Slut" and "1.5 bottles till I'm undressed" were just a few of the ones that caught my eye. Just keeping it klassy, I suppose.

And now it's Sunday evening and another week starts tomorrow. How did that happen?


  1. Sounds like the perfect weekend!!! :)

  2. MMM yummy!! what part of VA? i will have to go next year!!!! im a wine-o!!!!

  3. I agree, fall and spring in Virginia are awesome : )

  4. I love wine! We have a similar festival here in Atlanta, and it is always a great people watching venue as well!

  5. I agree! Virginia is great! I love Virginia wine too. Glad you had a great weekend.

  6. I totally need the wine slut t-shirt for my BFF. Time to scour the internet.

    I too am un-smartphoned. My contract is new soon but the price of some of these phones totally freaks me out. So expensive!

    I still haven't seen Date Night. Need to fix that asap.

  7. I am going to be so sad when it starts getting colder. We have been having great weather too. Love the cardi you are wearing!

  8. Sounds like a great weekend!

    And I have that cardigan from Target! :) I bought it last year to wear to a Halloween party. It's one of the only pieces of orange clothing I own since orange isn't allowed in our house! :)

  9. It sounds like it was a great weekend!

  10. We used to do a wine tour every winter, and people would run around with these neck straps to hold their wine glass!!! It was too funny.

    Also - I love your sweater in those pics!

  11. I thought I was the only one with an old cheesy phone!

    NC does some pretty good seasons too :)


  12. To seasons in Virginia, I say "Feh!" Come to New England. Then you'll see what seasons actually are.

    And I worked that wine festival before. Did you guys hit the Lake Anna Winery booth?

  13. soooo fun!!!

    I need to go to a wine festival SOON.

  14. Oh my gosh, did you go to the wine festival 2 years ago when it was about 37 degrees below 0 (that might be exaggerating a LITTLE) and misty and gross? For some reason unbeknownst to me, we went ahead and went ... and had a great time! It is always a fun weekend! :)