Friday, October 1, 2010

welcome october

It is October...

And October means hanging pumpkin and bat pictures made by students in your classroom window.

It means eating a lot of Halloween colored peanut m&m's.

And pumpkin beers. And pumpkin corn bread. And pumpkin cookies. And roasted pumpkin seeds. And pumpkin everything.

October means it's time to put away my flip flops and put on my boots.

It means I get to see one of my best friends from college get hitched to that crazy boy who used to live across the hall from us sophomore year.

October means I get to wear dark fingernail polish.

It means I can turn off the AC for good. And lounge in my sweatpants at night.

And I can fall asleep at night under a pile of blankets.

And best of all, October also means routine. As a teacher, September is a crazy time. I'm excited to see things falling into routine in my life and in my classroom.

welcome, october!


  1. Yay!! For all of these things - esp sweats & all things pumpkin!!

    And I bet this Oct I'll be able to give you some serious baby-fever when you finally get to hold Trey!! :) We must get together soon!!

  2. Can you seriously turn off the AC!?? Jealous!!!

  3. just ate about 5 handfuls of fall colored peanut m&m's tonight. awesome.

  4. I love October too and I'm so happy it's finally here!

    You are sooo right about September being a crazy month for teaching! I am so ready for the kids to settle in!

  5. LOVE this post!! And as a teacher I totally understand... doesn't September FLY by!?!?

  6. October is a great month, in deed!!!! :)

  7. This is such a fun time of the year!!!

  8. I love the weird little cat/bat thing in your student's picture!


  9. October is my favorite! (So is Pumpkin!)

  10. I'm looking forward to the dark nail polish too!

  11. I love October and all these things. Especially everything pumpkin. :) I feel like all I eat has some sort of pumpkin in it!

  12. yay for all those things esp no ac and all heat ! I love fall and the cool air as well as the leaves turning! I love the fact i can curl up with piles of blankets at night on the couch :) I also say Praise the Lord for routine! I'm a routine girl and once i start on it i dont like for it to be messed up! happy monday!!

  13. I'm jealous that you can already turn off your AC for good. In Oklahoma we aren't quite there.

    Your October sounds wonderful!