Thursday, November 18, 2010

Holiday excercise motivation

What motivates you to work out?

Last week, I got an email from my YMCA*. They are doing a 6 week program called Holiday Kick-Off. You sign up and if you work out three times a week between now and December 20, you get a free long sleeved t-shirt.

I am currently not at a weight that I'm happy with. It's not horrible, but it's not where I'd like to be. And I'll be the first to admit that I fear gaining weight over the next month and half as the holidays approach (hello PECAN PIE! I love you!). I decided to sign up for this program, not because I want the t-shirt, but because it's a great motivator to get my butt to the gym.

This was week one and today was my third trip of the week and I'm feeling great. I'm even considering throwing in a fourth day on Saturday. I'm feeling a little crazy, but I'm liking it (I typically go anywhere between 0-2 times a week). I've done two days of cardio and strength, and last night I did Zumba (which b-t-dubs, I could write a whole post on my love and laughter behind Zumba).

And the best motivator of all...they have put all the participants on "teams" and they have our teams listed on posters in the main hall of the gym. At the end of each week they will mark by your name whether or not you got your three workouts in for the week. That right there is an even bigger motivator. Now if I don't go to the gym, the whole world knows about it (and by the whole world, I really mean the gym members who walk down that hall). I don't want to be that kind of team member! And I don't want a big fat ugly red X by name if I don't meet my goal!

So here we go...let's hope that come January I'll have a VERY cool t-shirt to wear with pride and to share on the ol' blog.

*FYI...I love the Y, love, love it! It is such a nice facility and they have the best staff. If you live in Hampton Roads and you're looking for a gym, I highly recommend the Y!


  1. That is pretty cool! I got a similar e-mail from our YMCA but I was like "pshh all that working out for a tshirt!" hahaha. I think the signs are great accountability though. I'm trying for 4 days a week but I'm lucky most weeks if I make it 3. As you know it's so hard after a day of teaching and I already get up at an ungodly hour so mornings are out. Good luck to you!

  2. Let me tell you how much I DONT go to the gym. Last time I went, they said: "um I think it's been over 100 days since you've been here" . . . it was embarrassing :-) haha

  3. That's a great motivator! Have you ever tried a spin class? I went to my first one ever last Monday and was quickly hooked, I've been to 4 more since then. It's the sweatiest workout ever, but it's so much fun. Give it a try!

  4. I recently started running with some friends. This has been a great motivator, knowing people are expecting me to show up.

    We also decided we are gonna run a 10k in the spring, this has helped me to run on my own, knowing race day will come and I want to be ready!

    I totally agree with you though, finding motivation to work out is sooo hard, but the rewards are always worth it.

  5. That's awesome! I'm running an 8k on Thanksgiving morning...hoping that will make me feel better about eating all day! :) I've never ran that far so I'm kind of nervous! I hope it isn't too cold!

  6. Good work, friend! Sometimes I go to Zumba at the Uni rec center; it's usually always entertaining :) I look forward to an upcoming Zumba-themed post.

  7. If my gym offered a free shirt, I'd work out a lot more!! Good luck on the workouts!

  8. Good for you! I work out 0-2 times per YEAR. Bahahaha!

  9. I love your gym's idea! Having a goal (and public humiliation!) totally motivates me too!