Monday, November 29, 2010

Menu Monday Birthday Week

After a week of being pigs and stuffing our faces with the yummy foods of Thanksgiving, we've got another glutinous week coming up. With both of our birthdays this week we have two nights that we have plans to go out. Once with friends and one night it's just the two of us. On the nights when we are eating at home, we've got some good stuffed planned...

My Meals:
Pizza Potatoes - this is a first...I am pretty pumped to try it!
White Bean Soup with Andouille Sausage and Kale
Steak Fajitas

J's Meals:
Shrimp Bog - I requested this for my birthday dinner!
Slow Cooked Hoisin and Ginger Pork Wraps with Peanut Slaw

Also...I have a cookie exchange coming up...any Christmas cookie recipes you have that are absolutely amazing? Share away!


  1. I know pumpkin is overused, but I have an AMAZING pumpkin chocolate chip oatmeal cookie recipe I'd be happy to give up. :)

  2. Those pizza potatoes sound amazing!

  3. I always get such good ideas from your menu Mondays! I am a huge fan of cranberry coconut chews for Christmas. I will definitely be making them this year!

  4. The pizza potatoes sound delicious!


  5. Wow, lots of celebrations in your house in just one week! :) Those pizza potatoes sound so interesting, I'm curious!

  6. I've flagged those pizza potatoes to try sometime soon! They sound yummy!