Monday, November 8, 2010

Menu Monday (with a little help from Ukrop's)

I'll be out of town for the second part of the week and poor J is going to be bachelor padding it up here in our home. This means just a few meals for the week...

My Meals:
  • Rachel Paninis* with sweet potato fries (but I might go the easy route and buy the frozen ones at TJ''s another crazy busy week in our home)
  • Jenna's Chicken Roll Ups with fresh green beans cooked in olive oil and lemon juice

J's Meals:
. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

And now the Rachel Panini....
I grew up in Richmond and up until just a few short months ago, Richmond was known for their upscale, hometown grocery store, Ukrop's (pronounced You-Crops). A lot of my high school memories revolve around Ukrop's. We had one walking distance from our school and on days when we stayed after for hours and hours for play practice (I was kind of a show choir/theater geek), we'd grab dinner and snacks here. I have many memories associated with this place. About a year or so ago, the Ukrop family sold the company to a big chain and there are no more Ukrop's anywhere in Richmond. It's been a sad year as we've watched all the signs out front change...RIP Richmond's favorite grocery store...


ANYHOW...someone is getting of the best parts of Ukrop's was their cafe where you could get all kinds of yummy things for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. They make some of my favorite mac & cheese and their salad bar was AMAZING. Another favorite was their panini selection. One of their paninis was called the Rachel Panini. Not sure if this is something that they just make, or if it's a standard sandwich that other places serve, but either way, Ukrop's is the only place I've ever seen this sandwich, and it's one tasty sandwich!

Here's your ingredients:
  • sourdough bread (I buy mine at Panera)
  • cole slaw (I'm lazy and get the stuff at the grocery store)
  • sliced turkey
  • sliced swiss cheese

Throw ingredients on your bread, grill for a few minutes in a panini press, and voila! Tasty sandwiches ready to go!


  1. I miss Ukrop's. It's just not the same now that it is Martin's.

  2. That sandwich sounds great! I just asked my husband about Ukrops because he went to U. of Richmond and he definitely remembered it!

  3. Those chicken roll-ups sound out of this world good! I printed out the recipe to try myself soon!

  4. I went to grad school in Richmond and loved Ukrops. I didn't realize they'd closed. I used to swing by and pick up a crab cake (they had the best crab cakes) and some salad from the salad bar after working out at the Y and heading home to watch Friends. I'm so bummed to hear the news. I always say I'm going to swing through and get a crab cake on the way up 95.

  5. oh your paninis sound just like a sub I used to get all. the. time at a deli I worked at in high school!! Yuuuuuummy!! and Jenna's chicken roll ups sound so good! I think I bookmarked it too when she posted it :) Hopefully I'll get to see you while you're out of town! :)

  6. I miss Ukrop's...oh, how we loved those white house rolls stuffed with their chicken salad.