Tuesday, December 14, 2010

december life update

This week...

We got about half an inch of snow on Monday. This made for a classroom full of crazy kids. But it also gave me a pretty sight to come home to after work.

I am so sick of the awful Christmas songs our country station plays. The worst is one called "Walking 'Round in Women's Underwear" to the tune of "Walking in a Winter Wonderland." Makes me want to abandon Christmas Country forever!

I am still kicking it at the gym. I've met my goal every week and have gained no weight in this crazy holiday season of sugar and sweets. I call that a win. Zumba and the elliptical are rocking my world.

My mailbox has been stuffed with beautiful Christmas cards from our friends and family. I can't wait to share our card on here with you all. I was quite pleased with the way it turned out!

A very sweet coworker burnt me the Glee Christmas CD....I can't get enough! My lucky students got to listen to it as they worked independently in math this afternoon. The girls...loved it. The boys? They couldn't wait for the day to end. Hmmmm....

I am THIS close to being finished with my Christmas shopping. The last two should be pretty easy, though.

And lastly, just for laughs, I'm drinking a glass of red wine as I'm typing this. J just threw me a Hershey Kiss which I just unwrapped and it immediately fell into the glass. Major FAIL. I still ate it...


  1. What a gorgeous picture.

    I, for one, can't stand Country Christmas music. I love country music, and I love Christmas music, but the combination is just too much. There are some classic Christmas songs done by country artists I love, but as a whole, not for me.

    I'm loving the Glee Christmas album too. Of course, I had to add Welcome Christmas from the Christmas episode to my playlist!

    Good luck with shopping!

  2. That's what you get for drinking and blogging!! Friends don't let friends drink & blog ;)

    I am so impressed at only 2 more gifts to get! it seems I always get down to stockings & then start panicking and impulse buying!

    Can't wait to see your card! Last years was darling!

  3. I love the Glee Christmas album! I have been listening to it non-stop in the car, but I haven't watched the actual episode yet. By the time I get around to it I'll probably just sing along with them for every song.

  4. I am addicted to the Glee Christmas station on Pandora! I may have to work on getting the CD now too.

    You know, they say chocolate and red wine go really well together and I've even had a chocolate flavored zinfandel so I'd say the hershey kiss in your wine was far from a fail, haha ;)

  5. That picture is gorgeous!!!! And I need to get my hands on that Glee Christmas music!!!!!! :)

  6. Good for you for staying with the gym... I can't seem to work up the motivation! And, that would ANNOY me with all those lame Christmas songs! I want to burn the Glee Christmas CD from my mom, but feel like when I finally do it - Christmas will be over. At least I can keep it for next year ;) Good luck finishing up your Christmas shopping!

  7. A kiss that's dipped in wine? Two amazing things in one!

  8. I keep hearing that the east coast is about to get a ton more snow so be safe!!

  9. Your house looks beautiful... I love a fresh snowfall!
    A GLEE song came on my Pandora Christmas station today and I was shocked that so many 2nd graders knew it was GLEE instantly.

  10. Wine covered Hershey kiss? That's like my dream treat. I would have ate it too!

  11. This totally made me laugh. I can't hear that song without singing "walking round in women's underwear" in my head! I heard it ALL.THE.TIME during the holiday season growing up on the top 40 station. I had no idea stations still played it.

    That said, I love the glee christmas CD. A and I listen to it all the time :)