Thursday, December 2, 2010

welcome december

When I think of December, this is what pops into my mind:

My favorite ornament of all time because it reminds me of my cabbage patch doll Lorie.

I also think of pretty trees, beautiful lit up homes, breakfast casserole on Christmas morning, piles of Christmas cards filling up my mailbox, many reasons to dress up, family, reindeer ears on Layla, my dad's unique choice of Christmas music (Christmas a Week Away, Christmas Times A Comin'), colorful scarves around my neck. peppermint hot chocolate, the birth of a Savior....

So many wonderful things going on this month. What comes to your mind this time of year?

Enjoy your last 29 days of 2010!


  1. Aww where did you get that ornament? I loved my cabbage patch dolls! Soo cute!

  2. Ok, I am just gonna say it... please don't be angry...but your ornament kinda freaks me out. I feel like she's staring into my soul!

    Although her dimpled knees are pretty damn cute.

    This time of year makes me think of all the delicious treats I wanna be eating. Sad but true. There's so much good Christmas food!!

  3. I had a red head cabbage patch kid too! One of my classic 80's childhood ornaments is a Rainbow Bright one! I love it! Memories :)

  4. I love the ornament! I loved cabbage patch kids growing up.

  5. I love what you see when you think of Christmas. That is just adorable :) I think of the Christmas tree in my parents house and the feeling of warmth :)

  6. I love that ornament. I'm jealous! I want one!

  7. Enjoy the rest of the season!! That ornament is awesome!

  8. I remember Cabbage Patch dolls! That was so long ago...

    You just reminded me that I want to make a casserole of cin. rolls for breakfast this year on Christmas. I see a new tradition in the making. :)